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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have learned a lot in the short time that I have attended college. A few things that I have learned is how hard life is. Just balencing money, school, work, and homework is just such a pain. I think that college is a great way to help someone grow up. College helps you learn a lot of life lessons such as communicating with people, saving your money, working hard comes with huge benifits and sometimes all you get is a slap in the face, but the important thing is to get back up and continue on the road of live.


Dear Reader, I graduated in June 2006 From Chatsworth High School it was an exciting experience after completing high school I preceded to Moorpark College. I started at Moorpark in 2006 and I currently am attending school there. I completed my AA in Liberal Arts in May of 2009. My next step and goal is to major in sociology and hopefully become a social worker. I will be attending California State University Northridge (CSUN) in August 2010. I am excited to get a jump in to a four year college and one day soon maintain my bachelors in sociology and then continue to get my masters Degree. I believe I can accomplish these goals I have made it pretty far already although I struggle in school because I have a learning disability, But that hasn?t stopped me yet. While in school I have had a few different jobs that helped with my people skills and learning how different companies are run. This will help me have a better understanding of the working environment in my future job opportunities. I have also done some volunteer work in high school I helped the Chatsworth Women?s Club which is an organization.


My college experience has been the best thing in my life. I love school it's the best decision I have ever made in my life. I come from a background of many bad decisions on my part and others but thats the past and my future is bright because I chose to come back to school. Rio Hondo community college and the resources that they have offered me while I have attented have helped me so mush to reach the goals I have set for myself I currently have a 3.8 grade piont average. I take care of three children, and hold a part time job. I love my life today and every thing that it has instore for me I would'nt change it for anything.


I have gotten a chance to leave my social group, and explore something new.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage myself to go for college and not be nervous about the transition. I would also tell myself how necessary college will be in what my life will be like as I get older. Education is such an important step in life, I would tell myself not to give up after high school. I would also tell myself how I have grown as the years have gone by, and that I now know that further education is so important to my growth and success. I believe that it is a bit different situation than high school, but I would encourage myself to not have any fears about progressing.


If somehow, I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to begin my education as soon as possible, and not procrastinate. I would advise myself to pounce on the oportunity to have an education at an early age, to avoid being stuck as a single mother of three, who survived cancer and now wants to turn her life around.


The first thing I would tell myself if I could talk to myself as a high school senior is not to worry. College is a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time. You will be able to discover new things about yourself and your interests - things that will impact the rest of your life. You will also come to find that things you once thought were important reall aren't anymore. The greater sense of responsiblity you will feel in entering the college scene is to be embraced. You are growing up and taking a big step in showing that you know what you want and where you are going. Hang on for the ride of your life and have fun with it!


I would tell myself to get involved in extracirricular activities. Being involved in something besides school makes it easier to make friends who have things in common with you. Being involved in extracirriculars also allows an easier transition to college especially if going out of state. I would also tell myself not to procrastinate and use all of the available resources possible. Knowing that there is a counselor on campus to talk to whenever there is too much stress in life makes it easier to be in school.


It is all worth it. get that degree. Let nothing hold you back from your dreams.


To my once young self: Highschool is a great time of life. Forget your current strife, and jump in the game. Stop going after those beautiful dames, and hunker down in books. Take a deep breath and look to your family for help. Avoid your group of friends, they are going to waste their life in meth. You, dear self, are better than that. This letter is to remind you of your potential. You've come from a great heritage; Fathers and grandfathers who have fought in wars, who've taken care of beautiful wives, and created many lives. There is no finer part of life. And I happen to know, your future will eventually be the same. Don't fight it, embrace it. Take the chance to excell in school. Do your best, and stop hanging with a crowd of fools. Create a protective shroud, starting with education and preparation. You are capable of becoming your wildest dream. Start picking your team and Divide, Conquer, and Win! P.S. in the fourth quarter of your last Senior game, watch out for number 3.


Okay here's the deal I'm going to be honest: Weber State University sucks. I wouldn't have gone there if I could have afforded a different school to attend. My advice to you is to apply for as many scholarships and other schools as possible before you graduate. In terms of cost of living and easy classes WSU is good, however; if you want a social life and want to enjoy fun/challenging classes: go to another school! Simple as that, that's all I have to say: take it or leave it!


I would have told myself that I should have listened to my mother when she told me to save my money instead of spending it on clothes and food. I also would have told myself to figure out what I wanted to do before going to school without a clue as to what I was realy interested in. I would have told myself to learn study and time management skills at an early age.


I would tell myself not to settle for a "C". It is very important to do better. A lot of programs out there require better than a 2.0 gpa. So instead of having to re-take classes over agian study hard, ask lots of questions if you don't understand and don't be affraid to speak up because most likely you won't be the only one who doesnt get it. Also to go to class every day. The more you miss, the more you will struggle. Some times you may want to give up but just hang in there because it will pay off. One last thing, not only to do your homework for class, but do you homework on which school would be best for you. You dont want to go somewhere that you wont like and then end up with a ton of loans to pay back. Do it right the first time. Pick the right school for you, go to class every day, do you assignments, ask questions and get it done!


The advice I would give myself would be to have not stressed out as much about college. Everyone makes college out to be this big, scary institution and it is really not much different from high school, except for that fact that it is all self-motivation. If you are not motivated to do the reading and the extra work for studying then college is not the right choice for you.


Finish college after high school. Don't wait so many years before going back and getting a degree.


In high school I was a bit of an outsider. I never really got involved with student organizations because I was so afraid of others. The student population intimidated me to the point that I was often afraid to even voice my own opinions in class, let alone join clubs or groups in which my school provided. If I could go back in time and give myself any advice, it would be to get involved. I would tell myself that if I could just go out there and join student groups or organizations, take part of HOSA or some sort of academic program, that my transition to college would be the easiest transition of my life. I would also demand that my senior should take more college classes in preparation for the ?college classroom atmosphere.? As I look at my college experience currently, I know for a fact that if I had taken more college classes back in high school, that I would be a better student today. If I had that previous experience on my shoulders, I would have so many more opportunities available to me at this juncture. My improvement would be extremely amazing.


That its not as bad as you think it is. Like making the transition is easier than you really think. another thing would be not to spend your money as much save every penny you can because collage is very expencive and you cant survive for long without taking out student loans.


I looked at the brochure I was handed and began flipping through; the ?tuition? section stopped me cold. Suddenly, there was a flash and I found myself facing? myself. I screamed. ?Shh.? The older me smiled. ?I don?t have much time. I?m here to give you?us, some advice.? I looked up. ?About college?? She nodded, ?Don?t go with the trend. I know you want to go to BYU because all our friends are going there. Look at the cost. I?m here to tell you that some of your friends will soon be running their parents into a financial crisis. Don?t worry; we?ll get there when it counts. For now, ?wade? into college. But even at a smaller school the tuition cost will be rough. You need to work hard.? I sighed. ?Thanks for the tip.? The other me smiled, ?Anything for me! Remember, friendships change after high school. Sacrifice not being with the ?in? crowd now and you?ll be rewarded later.? I nodded. The other me began to fade. I hesitated, ?Are we going to make it to BYU?? She sighed, ?We?ll see.? I laughed, ?I knew I?d say that.?


As the end of your senior year gets closer, you're going to be fighting the hands of time. You had an incredible high school experience and I know you're afraid of leaving this place you've grown so comfortable in. Don't be afraid. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the experience coming your way. You have a bright future ahead of you full of opportunities. Don't hesitate to take chances and do the things you want to do. Get involved and don't let the fear of not knowing others stop you. Take the time to explore the options that present themselves to you because they'll open new doors that you never thought you'd find. Above all else, don?t let anyone tell you that you?re someone you?re not. You have the values you have for a reason. You?ll learn some hard lessons, but you come out on top as a stronger person. College is an incredible experience and I promise that despite the great time you had in high school, you're not going to look back.


Stop fooling around and get focused! There is so much out there and now is the worst time to be lazy and indecisive. You will regret any time wasted. Figure out what you want and go and get it. The only thing standing between you and success is yourself. Don't let anything or anyone discourage you. It most definitely will not be easy, but hard work will pay off. College will not teach you everything there is to know, but it will teach you how to think and not to be afraid of knowlege. As you move along in college remember that good grades don't mean anything if you're not learning. In conclusion, don't procrastinate and make education a top priority.


First, I would tell myself not to apply for any credit cards. Sounds funny, but it's true! If I knew how easy it is to rack up debt, I would've stopped myself a lot sooner. Second, enjoy the time you've got. I remember being discontented with my life, and wanting to branch out. Looking back, I appreciate my ambition?but I had a pretty rich life. I would definitely tell myself to enjoy my high school years while they lasted. I'm proud to say that I don't have any major regrets. Sure, I've made mistakes, but I learned from all of them. If I didn't make them before, I would have simply made them later in life. Speaking to my 18-year-old self, I would tell myself to be okay with who I am in the moment. I would tell myself to really take stock of the opportunities ahead, and to go with my gut. I would tell myself to relax, and just let the hard work start paying off instead of worrying so much. Most of all, I would pat myself on the back for a job well done.


Its my first day of the last year of my grade school education, I am a senior at Hillcrest High, graduation date- June 6, 2006. All i can focus on is getting "passing" Grades and finishing Grade School. On this night i am visited by an Older version of myself. The things of which were spoken to me were of kind words, and great advice. She told me to push myself to greater expectations, to ace all of my classes. To apply for as many scholarships as i can, and to maintain a GPA that would possibly Land me a Scholarship. She said to take college credit classes and prepare myself to exceed the average senior students expectations. I was told to apply for the Top Universities of my state and expect to be accepted into these schools. If i fail to receive scholarships, i should apply for Loans and find a good solid job that will help me pay for school. To work my butt of over the summer and save my money, all of it. When Fall comes around i should stay focused, take classes i know i will attend, and study hard!


When you think about your college career, I want you to consider going. It is an awesome experience. You will learn so much and so many opportunities will open for you. Do not wait until you are older to go to school. If you want to get married and start your family do, you have 4 wonderful kids, but remember to not let the opportunity to go to school slip past you. You are smart, you are capable and will do amazing things.


Making myself more aware of looking at things with an open-mind would be my first approach. I would tell myself I need to be aware, punctual, and persistent when absorbing all that school has to offer. Don't be afraid to approach a new subject or try something that interests me, but looks challenging. All I can expect from myself is what I believe I'm capable of. Approach new things with that deep passion that pushes inside and go everywhere with all of my heart. When I bind myself to a situation or state of mind, nothing more can be achieved. Know that setting my limits close with minimal room for improvement will lead me nowhere. Set them far, and thats where you will go. Just be yourself and strive for what you feel to be right and things will fall into place as they should; you will do well!


If I were able to go back in time and give myself some advice, it would be to try living on my own for a couple of months. When one first lives independent of family it is exhilarating. But if one does not have good habits, its easy to get into financial difficulties. Living away from home may also cause initial homesickness and other unforseen stresses. It is a great idea to get comforable with this new lifestyle before throwing yourself into a college and suddenly having a lot of new financial obligations. That, along with make a lot of friends are the advice that I would give.


Jed Bone, this is your future speaking. Looking back to our senior year, we've taken a few college courses already but please, take more. You've received such good grades so far, don't stop concentrating in college and keep on top of your school work. You need to take no less than 4 classes per semester in college. Don't let school work boggle you down, just think how rewarding your efforts will be once your out of college. Even though I'm only in our sophmore year of college, almost done with General Educations and about to receive our Associates degree, I've got a few more years of school to go and even I will take my own advice and not get stressed out by school. Let's make our life as much a success as possible, get your schooling done and over with and don't be afraid to do different things and take chances. Lets live life to the fullest, explore all your options and leave nothing unventured .


I would tell myself not to worry so much and to just take it easy. High school isn't the end of the world or the begining, it's one of those middle things that don't really matter. A lot of people relive thier high school life over and over again in their minds and I would tell myself not to be like that. Life gets a lot better in college, there isn't all the discrimination based on personality attributes and what you wear. All in all I would tell myself not to worry and to just live my life, not to sweat the small things. I wasted a lot of my time worrying about people and how I looked when no one else really cared, I would tell myself to focus more on my education and less on the social aspects of high school.


The advice I would give myself, if i were a high school senior right now is: 1.) No matter what the circumstance is, it is not a good enough excuse to NOT graduate! 2.) Do your utmost best to finish college while you are young! Because when you are older, it will not be as easy to do as it is when you are young ! 3.) Although it may seem like every one else is having fun 24/7, college is not a time to be goofing around and playing. This time of your life is VERY important, because it is going to be and make up who you are for the rest of your life ! Life to way too short to take for granted, and the opportunity to go to college may not ever come your way again! So when all is said and done, use these years to learn what ever it is that you ENJOY andLIKE doing but at the same time be able to earn a good living, so that you can take care of your family without any worry!


I would tell myself to stop playing around and work harder during my senior year. You end up using this year to have fun and there is time for that later. A college education is important even though it doesn't seem like it is now. You have a mother who stayed home and raised you while your father worked. They never emphasized the importance of a college education on you even though your father had one and your mother went for a year until she met your father. You will be the first female graduate on your mothers side of the family, and the second on your fathers side. Your Aunt beats you to the tile on your fathers side. Even though your parents don't emphasize the impotance of an education your mother tells you later that she wishes she would have finished like you did, and your father tells you how proud he is that you finally decided to go to college and work hard like he knew you could. You can do it, and you are smart enough to do well.


Find a good balance between social life and school. While it is important to succeed as a student it is also important to develop relationships that wil bring memories and happiness throughout the journey here on earth. Work hard when its time to work and play hard when its time to play. Jump on oppurtunities that come your way. Experience the world and let the world experience you. Serve others and allow others to serve you. Learn to accept differences. Get along with others. Learn to love to work and study. Push yourself to e your best self. Don't compare yourself to others. Be patient with yourself and be consistant. Enjoy each stage of life for what it is. Don't look back, move forward with determination to achieve your goals. Have fun on this journey we call life!!


To finish high school and graduate for one. For two, not to wait so long to go to college. Life could have been so much easier for my family and I if I would just done this sooner. When we're young, we can't wait to get out of school. Most of the teachers are mean and horrible. I always wondered why they even bothered getting a teaching degree. We were just burdens to them. College is so different, the professors care about your progress. We are there because we want to be, the circumstances have changed. College is not something that is forced upon us, we are doing this becacuse we want something better out of life. Plus, you get to meet so many people from so many different places and cultures. It truly is a wonderful and amazing feeling. I would tell myself just hold on a little longer, because pretty soon, your real life is about to begin! : )


I would have told myself to laod up with all of the concurrent enrollment that I could possibly have taken, it would save a lot of time and money.


If I could give myself some advise, I wish I would have applied to more scholorships and schools. I knew they were available, but did not think about how helpful they could be, or the various opportunites I could have had. While scholorships are available to me right now, and I could transfer schools, it would probably have been better to have done that in the beginning, when they were being thrown at me as a high school junior and senior. Don't procrastinate those kind of opportunities for your future, because I do regret that I did not have more enthusiasm for what I could be in my future. Regarding the social life, don't be afraid to get out there and meet new people. In college, you often have to work with many different types of people, and this provides a good opportunity for friendships and social activities. And, overall, be serious in your studies and work hard, but also have fun, and make time for things you enjoy as well. Just try to be a well rounded person in all you do.


Find a college that feels right for you. You might get accepted to a fantastic school, but it doesn't feel right. Take campus tours, talk to professors and academic advisors, look at a course catalog, and make sure you're going to be spending the next four years of your life somewhere that makes you feel welcome. College is expensive, but it's completely worth the money if you are at a place that stimulates your mind and helps you to succeed. I got accepted to multiple universities, and after taking tours decided on Weber State because I felt like I was at home on campus. The best thing you can do is research the places you get accepted to so you know what you're getting!


Don't judge a school just by its reputation. Ivy league schools may not be worth the price tag. Do everything you have ever wanted to do at college, but do not obsess about anything. Be willing to make new friends but also willing to let toxic friends go. Go to class! Use professor rating websites judiciously. Remember, that students who fail classes usually blame the professor. Parents, cut the apron strings. Your children need to learn to act for themselves. Students, do not get a credit card unless you really know how to use it. Have fun.


Finding the right college is about more than just which school has the best reputation; it is about which school best fits the personality of the student. There are many great schools out there with fantastic programs, but if the student doesn?t feel like he or she is a part of it, they will never put their whole self into it and therefore will never get the most out of what they have. So while it is vital to choose a school that has a well respected program in the student?s degree of choice, it is equally important to make sure the school has extracurricular programs that interest the student as well as a student body that he or she feels they could easily be a part of. Once someone really feels like a part of something, it is easier to take advantage of everything that is offered.


Go on toars of colleges, see what campus life is really all about. Go on a tour when school is in session so that you can really see how students interact with one another.


Know what enviroment you work best in. Take tours of the campuses and dorm rooms, also make sure your money issues are in order. Find a extra curricular activity that you like to find new friends.


Find a school that you want to attend, while money matters, so does your college experience, and if you settle for less than what you are looking for you may be deprived of a greater experience.


Making the most of the college experience includes identifying not only the right academic program, but also any clubs or organizations that could expand the students' exposure to different cultures, lifestyles, and other aspects of life. In addition, parents should advise kids to carefully evaluate whether the school they wish to attend is a research facility or a school oriented to the working population or to those who run a business. Each type of school will have a different focus and this will affect how the student lives out their college experience. When a commuting student who owns a business or works 40 hours/week is thrown into a research school, their college experience can be daunting as the teachers will be less flexible and understanding of this type of lifestyle. Conversely, other students may wish to focus only on academics , and a research school is better for them as they will focus on grades, academics and perhaps graduate school. Helping your child discover their personal strengths and future desires for their career, be it academic, business ownership or corporate work force, will help determine the appropriate school for your child and a good choice enhances the overall college experience!


Where you go does not matter nearly as much as what you do. You get out of school what you put in.


Look for both the educational, phyical and emotional needs of the student.


I would say the most important factor to determine success in college is to find a school environment you feel comfortable in. That will make your experience much more enjoyable. If you don't mind large classes, but would prefer a bigger social scene, go to a large state school. If you want to be surrounded by creativity choose a school that specializes in the arts. I wanted to know my teachers and interact with people and I chose the right school for that experience. Overall, I would say educational priorities are the highest, however, you are a person and you deserve to have the experience you will enjoy; it will make you a better student and professional. Once you decide on a school and get there my advice would be to completely dedicate yourself. Go above and beyond what is expected of you. However, you must also make personal time for friends, hobbies, and fun , or else you will go crazy.


Decide what direction you want to take with your life and career and go from there. Not every college is right for every student.


In order to maximize your college experience, choose a school where you can really get involved with on campus activities. If you can't get a good break from your studies, then it becomes extremely difficult to make it through the semester. Find a school that has a fairly strong program in which ever area of study that you are pursuing. If you want to make the most of your degree, it will be better to get that degree from a quality university. Finally, find a school that has a high school spirit. You take more pride in your studies and education if your first take pride in your school as a whole.


I would advise students to, no matter which school they end up choosing, actively get involved in their campus activities. This will give them a full college experience and increase their school spirit and loyalty to the college. Also, they'll have a great time!


The important matter to keep in mind is knowing what program would best suit your interests, as some schools are more qualfied for certain programs than are other schools and are willing to be helpful; however, I feel it also helps to attend a school that is close enough to home for the holidays, but far enough where it is necessary to live away from home, preferably at campus-related housing, during the semesters, forcing students to interact with other students and allowing great opportunities to become involved in campus life.


save up


Do not be concerned with brand name colleges. In the long run it really isn't that important. Focus on costs, an education should not put you into debt. Shop around, you never know what hidden gem you'll find in the rubble. Most of all make sure you attend an institution that you love. It needs to feel like home, not an institution!


It is very important to find a college that will fit you and/or your child. It makes such a difference both for learning and for lifestyle. If you match up the school to the person who is attending correctly they will get such a great benefit from both the professor's and the fellow students. In addition they will make great life-long friends, and create great memories from their college experiences. I would definitly look at multiple schools to figure out which one will fit best for you. In addition while at college you need to be outgoing and be envolved with things that are going on around you to get the best experience from school.