Webster University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Webster was a really hipster, fun, academia focused enviorment.


My school is diverse.


My school is artistly stimulating and in a beautiful location with a small town feel to it.


Webster University is an institution dedicated to excellence in education through the intimate interaction of experienced staff and students from a wide range of backgrounds.


Webster has the unique property of having a great blend of older building and modern buildings. Webster Hall, one of the first buildings built for our campus in the early 1900s, is one of the oldest buildings, but with renovations on the inside, you can't tell. Buildings such as the library (2003) and our new academic building (finished in 2012) bring life and newness to the campus. One of my favorite aspects of the campus is that when expanding, instead of tearing down the houses in the neighborhood, we keep the houses and remodel them on the inside to be functional for our uses. There are at least 5 houses on campus! Webster is one of the smaller schools in the Saint Louis area, which makes it an easy walk to and from classes.


Well Webster pretty much looks like Hogwarts....jk (can you tell I'm obsessed with Harry Potter?) But I love Webster during the fall! It has a lot of trees and in the fall time it is so pretty with all the leaves falling around campus. We have old buildings and new ones as well, which I love, mixing the old and the new. Some of our classes are inside old mansions in rooms with fireplaces! I think it gives our university a little more character. Our library our both fairly new facilities, along with most of our dorms and apartments. Our whole campus is definitely a walking campus. Bikes are popular among students and Webster Hall would have to be my favorite building to look at. Its tall, brick and looks like a castle!


small, with a mix of historic and modern architecture. it's a really nice campus


Webster University is for students who often feel out of place, awkward or nerdy, and want to succeed in their field.


Pass the buck.


Webster University is a lively campus, from its interactive classroom settings to its plethora of student activities.


The school is small, relaxed, and quiet.


Webster University is a very diverse in their courses and population of students as well as their instructors. In addition, they offer a wide range of courses and degrees from arts to political science.


Welcoming and friendly people who became my family.


Webster University is a liberal, artistic community with a very accepting student body.


Webster University is a school that provides endless oppertunities, and a foundation for succeding in the feild of your choice.


Webster is non-judgmental, the student body is defined by the characteristics of the university; original, diverse, consciencious (in many ways, regarding people, the environment, as well as academically).


Webster is definitely a liberal arts college that focuses on other cultures.


Webster University is a small school that offers big career opportunies, fabulous extracurricular activities, and amazing opportunities for social expansion.


Webster is a small school for people who are independent and want to forge their own way in the world.


webster is a comfortable, small university that offers a variety of options for majors, great professors that teach in the field they also work in, and a close community of students, faculty and staff.


Webster University is a wonderful liberal arts college that will enhance your learning experience, particularly if you're interested in an international experience.


Webster is a small school that has a great enviorment.


A challenging, fun, learning environment.


Great education