Webster University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




My classmates are diverse. My friends are diverse. You won't ever meet two of the same people at Webster. Everybody is different and everyone is themself.


My classmates are unique, diverse, intelligent, friendly, and quite opinionated.


Students are very welcoming and friendly. They are open-minded, open to new ideas, new cultures, new people. Respect is prevalent. The cultures and nationalities of Webster students help you learn more and have different views about the world.


It's hard for me to describe the "typical" Webster student because our student body is really quite diverse. I would say that the students are open-minded, relaxed, creative, and driven. Webster students are all involved in a variety of clubs and activities. The students are aware and active in the world around them,but not necessarily leaning strongly towards one end of the political system or the other. Unlike many other universities, students typically look a little more put together than pjs and sweatpants, even for 8 am classes.


We have ALL sorts of students. Seriously, everything. And somehow, we manage to get along and really enjoy the diversity here. It's a very open campus as far as LGBT issues go. We even have gender-neutral bathrooms. The only kind of student who would feel out of place at this school is someone who wants a giant party school, a football team, and a major that requires little work. I would say that since we're pretty liberal, conservatives are WELCOME, but you might want to be prepared to challenge and/or defend your views!


We have ALL sorts of students. Seriously, everything. And somehow, we manage to get along and really enjoy the diversity here. It's a very open campus as far as LGBT issues go. We even have gender-neutral bathrooms. The only kind of student who would feel out of place at this school is someone who wants a giant party school, a football team, and a major that requires little work. I would say that since we're pretty liberal, conservatives are WELCOME, but you might want to be prepared to challenge and/or defend your views!


There are all types of people at Webster. I find the international student population most impressing. Students come from all over the world. Many of my friends, that I have met at Webster, come from Ecuador, Brazil, and many parts of Asia. I like attending the Latin-American Student Organization and Multicultural and International Student Organization parties to meet more of these very diverse people. The many student groups on campus exemplify the diverse atmosphere of Webster. Some of the groups I've seen active on campus include the LGBTQ Alliance, Delta Phi Epsilon, and the African Student Association.


I really like the other students at Webster. We are a very diverse school. Alot of students come here from different states and even different countries. I am from Iowa, and I have really enjoyed gaining insight to how everyday life is for people in other countries and even diferent parts of the United States. I feel like if you are a person that is very shy and reserved, you would not like it here. Everyone is always hanging out whether it is just watching a movie or doing homework.


DIVERSE! There is no possible way of describing the students because they are all so different at Webster. We are a global university with so many ethnicities, religions and backgrounds represented. Sometimes I feel boring because I am a caucasian, christian girl from around St. Louis! But it has been such an eye opening experience meeting so many different people. I have friends from different states and countries now. That never happened in high school! If there is one thing a student needs to be prepared for when coming here it is to know they will not be like everyone else. Our university isn't uniformed, we are as colorful and mismatched as they come!


Yeah, Webster has a great LGBTQ alliance and a big LGBTQ community to back up that organization. There are also a number of international students on campus that really give the university a unique feel. Webster has hipsters, the fashion forward, computer geeks, conservatory students, sorority girls, and just about every other "clique" that you could come up with. We all interact with each other and go to events and performances around campus. People may think that Webster students are a bunch of rich kids, but I promise we're not. Webster students work both on and off campus more than any other university I have been to. We get great financial aid from the school, and we work to be able to live on our own. The campus is primarily left-wing liberals, but there are definitely some republican organizations around campus.


Even though all of the students at Webster seem completely different when held at face value due to stereotypes, it seems as if everyone has something in common. I have not met one person, honestly, that I haven't seemed to not get along with in some way...


The students here are so much fun. Mundane tasks like doing laundry or walking to class are suddenly awesome because someone is now playing the ukelele and singing you a song. Everywhere you look you see a friend. Everyone is happy and engaged in campus life. Students share your outlook on life, if you have an interest, whether that be Quidditch or Parkour, someone will share it. Everyone is friendly and wants to be your friend.


Students at Webster are incredibly diverse! We're mostly known for our more liberal and "artsy" student body, but we also have a big "traditional" student body. One of the questions I was asked to think about was: If there were four tables in the cafeteria, which students would sit at which table. I think for Webster, that question isn't really useful. One of the best parts about Webster is that people get past there high school clique ideas and just hang out with people they like. I guess, in the lunch room, people would sit with other people that they knew from certain clubs they were in together or people they have classes with. There definitely is not a jock table, an art student table, a theatre kid table, etc. Everyone just gels together really well here at Webster, which really adds an atmosphere of camaraderie to the campus.


The students at Webster are very diverse and open-minded. I immediately felt comfortable here because everyone was so accepting of each other. Of course there are cliques, as there are anywhere, but it's different because everyone still knows and associates with everyone else. Because we are a smaller school you are familiar with a large majority of students and no one falls into just one "group." During my first few weeks here as a freshmen, the first three friends I made were from South Africa, Peru, and Switzerland. Coming here really broadened my horizons and world view because of our diversity. The student body is also very aware of the world and politics of the day. Webster facilitates all beliefs and opinions and if you want to be heard, you certainly can be here.


At Webster, the first thing you may notice is the diversity. I'm still surprised at how many countries are represented at Webster today. This is my third year living on campus and so far, 2 of the 3 RA's that I have had were from other countries. I've learned a lot about different cultures by talking to friends and listening about how things are different living in St. Louis.


There is no easy way to describe my classmates because we are all different. But there are two things I know we have in common, and two things that keep us all united: we are all passionate about our degrees and we are all open-minded. Webster U encourages the sort of dynamics where none of us may "look" like friends--but that doesn't matter here! We find the common denominators between each other and respect the differences.


The LGBT community at Webster is big. The drag ball that occurs every year always gets a bit wild and is a huge hit. Everyone at Webster is pretty open and accepting. If you aren't open to all sorts of people and backgrounds, you might feel out of place at Webster. A lot of people are also pretty politically involved, which can be fun but can also cause conflict at times.


Okay, so one of the main things people worry about when going to college (whether they admit it, or not) is "Will I fit in?" At Webster this is the least of your worries. You might think to yourself, St. Louis Missouri, dude that's the midwest, that's part of the Bible Belt...Conservative. Christian. Well, then you haven't been to Webster Groves, Missouri, to the campus of Webster University. Here, minds are encouraged to open, diversity is encouraged, differences celebrated, not condemned. We have an LGTBQ club on campus that puts on events during the year, a Multicultural and International Student organization, African Student Association (as well as AAAC) and plenty of other cultural clubs. I am a straight, white, Christian, male, and at Webster, I am the minority LOL! But the great thing is, I still fit in! The quickest and surest way to not fit in is to act above other people here. One thing that I've learned in just 2 years here, studying abroad, experiencing international suite mates and students from all sorts of beliefs, faiths, and backgrounds is that though we have distinct differences, external and internal, we are all inherently HUMAN! And that bond is bigger than any difference that separates us. Call it a common ancestry that can be traced back to evolution from lower species, or a common fingerprint by a Divine Architect that created us in His image, or one conscious being experiencing itself subjectively--we are CONNECTED. And to ignore that connection is to deny your humanity. To act like you're better than anyone else is to lose that very thing that connects us. That is the kind of person that doesn't fit in at Webster--the closed-minded, (doesn't matter Left or Right, gay or straight) better than you, I'm always right, douche bag.


Webster's student body is unique. There is no way to describe a typical Webster student. We offer many different majors and therefore, we attract different kinds of people. Webster prides itself in being a diverse and international campus. We have students study at Webster from different countries. My freshman year I had someone from Japan, Brazil, Spain, and Mexico live on my floor.


Webster has a very diverse campus. There are a lot of international students. There is also a pretty large LGBT population. Students dress very casual to classes. Because the classes are small, I've found it very easy to talk with other people in my classes. Students do tend to lean to the left here, but it's of course not everyone.


All of my classmates are very enuthusiastic, open to all of my questions, and very welcoming, which helps lighten my stress in class.


Students at Webster are very intuitive and curious about what they are learning. Each brings, and shares their own experiences in the classroom which encourages further exploration and explanation in the classroom.


very out going and willing to learn - open to group work and wanting education they can recieve


My classmates are passionate and generally enjoy coming to and learning in class.


My classmates are respectful, friendly, and helpful to each other.


My classmates are focused, driven, and well mannered.