Webster University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Having a great study abroad program.


Webster University is well known for their travel abroad studies. Webster also is a private university. I am blessed to be able to pay for my college education thus far, but since the new laws were implemented (july 01 2012) I am struggling to pay for my classes and I am approaching my graduation date. I have applied for scholarships abroad and beyond and to no avail have I found any finacial resources to help assist with financing my last semesters at webster. webster does not seem to know of any additional resources.




Well we have a lot of campus traditions but my favorite one would probably have to be Webster Works Worldwide. One day during first semester our students are excused from classes to go volunteer with organizations and classes to do community service. I think it's such a great way to show that Webster truly does give back to the community and it allows our students an easy chance to see how important the act of volunteering is.


So far, my favorite campus tradition is Humans Vs. Zombies. For a week, students run around playing this massive game of tag/capture the flag and get really in to it! Towards the end of the week, they paint themselves like zombies and carry around nerf guns to ward off the roving hoards of undead that stalk our campus. It's a good time!


I think my school is best known for it's emphasis in the humanities because it focuses on majors like Visual Arts, Vocal Jazz studies and Playwrighting. People are drawn to St. Louis because it is the gateway city, and I feel like Webster is the gateway school to the Arts. It has a long standing history of mentoring and producing some of the most talented and successfull students, including musician Erin Bode, NY Times writer William Broad, and Academy Award nominated Marsha Mason. Webster is known for it's commitment to fostering the arts in the community.


My school is known for it's Liberal Arts progam, especially the Conservatory. They are known for their ability to produce award winning actors and successful students whom have made a difference.


I don't really know, but I liked the diversity and accepting nature of the staff and students.


Most known for its arts and sciences. Also know for the conservatory.




Webster University is known most for its study abroad program. Unlike other schools, the university has its own campuses placed internationally. Some of these include Thailand, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, China, and Argentina. Students who go abroad to these campuses have the same financial aid apply to the other campus, and they also receive free round-trip tickets to their respective countries. It's convenient, it's inspirational, and it helps develop Webster University students into more well-rounded learners.


Webster is best known for its international focus. Not only does WU have campuses all over the world (in England, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand and China, to name a few), it also incorporates its international scope into its degree programs. WU was the first school in the country to offer an International Human Rights degree, for instance, and it offers a global emphasis in many of its majors (i.e., International Business and Global Journalism). WU goes above and beyond in encouraging study abroad by offering free airfare to and from its international campuses.