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Not only does Webster accept a diverse group of students, but they encourage diversity. The intimate educational environment allows students on and off campus to get to know each other and to interact with professors. The broad range of people you will meet at Webster enhances your experience by allowing you to gain a larger global perspective.


I love Webster!! It is an institution that is both laid back but professional. The staff is amazing and the students are just as interesting and fun. I don't even think I chose Webster.....it was so great that it chose me! :)


Webster has made me appreciate what I do in the audio field and music field. It has also given me a chance to meet people that I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life, no matter which direction we travel in. Webster attracts great minds with real souls that are going to change the world... and one day it's all going to come back to Webster!


I love it! But you can't just take my word for it. You have to come and experience it for yourself. that's the only way you can find the right college for you


I love Webster. I am so happy I chose to come to this school. I based my decision on my department, the people and the location of Webster, and I haven't looked back!


Webster is the most tolerant, open-minded, and culturally aware place I've ever been. People are heard here and their opinions matter, whether that's on a student-to-student basis or student-to-president basis. The lines of communication are always open between faculty, staff, students, and administration here.


When I came to Webster I didn't know anything. I had never visited and all I knew was that I wanted to study abroad. I always thought that I would end up at a large public university but then I came here. I love it, especially my study abroad experience. The only things that I would change is that I would love to see a larger science scene here, and I wish it was easier to study somewhere other than where Webster already has abroad campuses.


Fitness center is free. So is the swimming pool. So is the Film Series. Student productions are free. Professional shows are $10. Laundry is free. Printing is free...that just about offsets the cost of tuition, right? lol....but seriously it's real nice to have that kind of stuff, plus if you play your cards right and get a nice fat scholarship and financial aid package, you can go to school for a lot less than you think. I know people that are going here for a couple grand a semester, or even free because they have gotten awesome financial aid packages and scholarships! Our financial aid office is super-helpful in getting you the maximum award you're eligible for! I know for me personally, I was worried because the EFC (expected family contribution) on my FAFSA was way more than what my family was actually able to contribute...so I didn't think I'd get much federal aid, but Webster found a way for me to still get a loan and workstudy award that really made it easy on us!


Webster was the best choice for me.


I've really enjoyed my time so far at Webster. It's definitely a smaller school with a bit more of a homey family feel to it, and if that's what you're looking for in a school, then Webster is great. Study abroad is one of the best most unique things about the place!


There is a great study abroad program.


What makes Webster University so unique is that we have a fusion of students, since we are all from different places of the world. The fact that we have a diverse campus makes the campus so unique, fun and unified.




Chances to study abroad, the amount of resources, the experience of the professors is built in real life. and the variety of the people that you can meet


Besides a school in Chicago which I won't name, it is the only school in the mid-west that has really good degree programs for "creative types". The school of communication has Film and Video Production, Audio/Music Production, Animation, Graphics/Interactive Production as well as the ability for students to create their own major. It allows artistic people to get a more useful degree that includes coursework related to the media industry. They do also have a traditional fine arts program.


The unique thing about my school is that the teachers actually do care. They make sure you have the proper tutoring and that you understand what you are learning about.


My school is somewhat of a small school but it's close to everything and it's one of the first schools I've been to that gives you a quick admission decision.


Lots of artsy people and business people mixed together