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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


As with most stereotypes, they don't really make an overall accurate picture of a group of people. Webster has such a wide variety of students that it would be impossible to blanket them all under one description. Webster is diverse in all aspects of the word: genders, political opinions, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, interests/goals, etc.


You CANNOT believe all the stereotypes you hear about! Our school is filled with so many different students so for someone to say students are primarily a certain way is not true at all. No matter what I think this institution is a place ANYONE can come and find friends with their same interests.


while we are a really diverse school, we do have a fair amount of a certain type of students, like hipsters and artsy kids. however, this by no means implies that they are unfriendly or anything like that. we just have more kids that are interested in more artistic activities, like making movies, music, drama, dance, writing, etc. than other things, like sports. that doesn't mean people don't like sports, though! the most important thing about webster is that it's a really friendly student body.


I think that it is. I have found many artistic people here.


The stereotype of students here is accurate in the fact that we are very diverse and encourage worldwide tolerance and citizenship. The stereotype that we are too small to make a difference is very false, considering our international reach is greater than almost all other colleges and the opportunities for us to grow even more are huge.


We have a theater conservatory, and yes, a lot of the men in it are gay, as well as guys outside the conservatory. We also have a drag ball every year. However, there are plenty of straight guys too. And it's true that Webster is pretty liberal. There are a fair amount of activists on campus, probably because we offer a human rights degree. And yes, there are hipsters and nerds.


The stereotype is only half true. Yes, Webster is a Liberal Arts school and is known for it's fine arts, however, many people don't know about the "real school" part of Webster, the business school, the school of education...you know the normal degrees that people go to school for to get real jobs. The business school and "real" "down-to-earth-non-artsy" students probably make up just as much of the Webster population as the artsy folks--which makes for a pretty cool atmosphere where you can be either one of those types of people (or both) and fit in! That's the main thing about Webster, is that you fit in no matter who you are.


Every school has stereotypes and some college kids do play those stereotypes. Webster students come from all walks of life and for many diverse backgrounds. You will people from all different races, eternities, backgrounds, etc.


This stereotype is partially true. I do feel that much of the student population leans to the left both socially and politically. However, there are still groups like the College Republicans which have a presence. Also, I've met plenty of students at Webster who are in a field involving art or design or other creative endeavors, but there are an increasing number of business and other more traditional fields here every year. There are plenty of commuter students, but there are also a lot of students that live on campus. One thing most people don't realize when they look at statistics is that there are a lot of students who live in houses/apts around the area. Still, it would be really nice if more housing could be built so even more students could live on campus.