Webster University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about our school is that the city does not want to work with us to expand our campus. That isn't even our school's fault. They want to create zoning laws to keep educational facilities separated (such as Eden Theological Seminary) from eachother.


Probably the worst thing about the school is the lack of guidance I had from my academic advisors. I really had no idea of what to expect from the job market once I grauduated.


Webster is a small school and has a large commuting student body. Because of this there isn't usually a lot of people on campus during the weekends, nor are there a lot of large activities. There is usually something happening on campus during the weekends, but the events aren't highly attended. If you have a car there are things going on in St. Louis during the weekend but you have to look for them. But overall there isn't a lot of campus activity over the weekends.


I can not think of a "worst thing" about my school.


i cannot think of anything i don't like


They do not have a lounge for commuters. Sometimes people have class all throughout the day and when we do get a break there is no place to just lay out. (couch)


the worst thing is probably how segregated the commuter students are from students who live on campus. a lot of the student population commutes, and it's a lot harder to get involved when you live off campus. people on campus tend to stay on campus and not get away too much.