Webster University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The biggest Stereotype of students at my school would probably have to be that everybody is really artsy and that there is no room for any other kinds of people here. But Webster is full of different kinds of people and interests. We are known for our Conservatory but the school of communications is actually our biggest school!


If I had to choose a stereotype of Webster students I would say that we are liberal artists, there are a lot of art majors here, visual, dance, music, performance. We all bled into a group of talented, outspoken students


I would say that the most common stereotype at Webster is that everyone is an artsy, liberal student. While that's true, I would say that the artsy students make up less than half of our school. I would say that the most important thing to remember is that every type of student goes to Webster! You'll find friends. Everyone has a group they can join!


Very diverse, liberal-leaning, extremely tolerant, involved, well-rounded


All the men are gay. Everyone is very liberal. There are some hipsters, and also some video game nerds.


Most people will stereotype Webster Students as artsy and liberal. I would call it open-minded.


Webster University main stereotype is that we are liberal as liberal can be.


Webster has a pretty pervasive stereotype as having many liberal students as well as being a very artsy school. Also, Webster is known for being a commuter school.