Webster University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Webster University is a small, loving, friendly, and energetic environment. Each and every student and teacher that I've met on campus are dedicated to their learning. The staff make it easy to understand the material, and students on campus are more than willing to help others out in class. The small class sizes allow for instant friendships on campus, and the small population on campus create a great family-like environment for students of every kind. It is one of the most open-minded and encouraging places I've ever visited in my life and I can't praise it enough.


I believe this is a great school. It is a small school so you get all the advantages and opportunities of a personalized education, but it has the facilities and the means of a large university. Its quality programs are very well known nationally and globally.


I really do love Webster. As soon as you step on campus, you feel such a relaxed atmosphere. The university itself is a tight-knit group of students that are focused on learning and really driven towards achieving their goals, but still enjoy having a social life and understand the merits of having a life outside of the school work. The teachers are concerned with each and every student and will do everything in their power to help them succeed. The small, intimate classes give each student a chance to participate and be involved in their own learning. Although I have always found things to do, one thing I might change about Webster is the fact that it is a big commuter school. I meet people in my classes that I want to see outside of the classroom, but they don't spend much time on campus because they live at home! Overall, I feel like Webster is the perfect place for me to learn and grow as a person.


My overall opinion is very high. This school gave me a fantastic scholarship, has landed me not just one, but THREE internships during my career here, and allowed me to complete two majors in 4 years. This is an internationally-known university with a rich, progressive history. St. Louis companies seek out Webster graduates over other area schools. It's a great springboard.


I am such a fan of Webster. While in high school, I had heard nothing but good things about Webster so had to find out for myself. The moment I stepped on campus, I knew I was home. Webster gives off this welcoming vibe and I couldn't be happier with my decision.


I truly feel that my decision to attend Webster University was one of the toughest, and yet best choice I have made in my life. The low student/teacher ratio allows for constant one-on-one interaction with professors. I have gotten to know many professors on a first name basis. I've gone to Starbucks with a Professor just to chat!


I loved Webster the first time I set foot on campus. During registration and orientation I heard at least ten times a day "Everyone's welcome at Webster!" and it's so true! I feel so at home here. There's usually a honeymoon phase at the beginning of the year with a school, and I definitely felt that during the first week. But nothing's really changed since then! The teachers are still as nice as ever, and the students are awesome. What you see is what you get here!


I really like Webster. One of the things that I really like is living in the dorms. I feel like you get connected with other students when you actually live on campus. One of the things that really drew me in, was the communications department. I could not find any other school with a more credible department. I really like the small class sizes and the informal setting. Most of the time you know the teacher on a first name basis, and it makes things so much more comfortable. Another thing that is really interesting about Webster is "delegates agenda." In the spring and fall students at Webster come up with a set of issues that they have compiled through a variety of surveys. Then they present them to the administration. I think we have a awesome administration because most of the time they resolve the issues that the students have. Also, every month President Stroble has open office hours for students to sign up for.


I love Webster! Out of all the schools I looked at, I knew Webster was the one for me immediately. The school is small, which I love, as you get more individualized attention. However, that that doesn't mean it's boring on campus! We have a lot of stuff going on here at all times, from plays and recitals to soccer or basketball games. You can always find something to do here on campus. In addition to that, since we are 10 minutes away from St. Louis, we also have a major metropolitan area at our disposal, so you'll never be bored at Webster. The students here are also really nice and friendly. Everyone here is easy going and easy to get along with. I think my only bad thing I would say about Webster is the parking situation. You are allowed to have a car, but if you live in the dorms you have to park in the garage, which is a ten minute walk from the dorms. That kind of sucks when it's cold or rainy, but your car is parked in a covered lot, so it's never going to be stuck in snow or broken into. I guess if that's the worst I have to say about Webster, it can't be that bad here. :)


By choosing Webster I know I chose the right college for me. It is a small and personal school, but not too small. When walking around campus I see so many people I know, but could meet someone new everyday and that is what I love. You can be ANYONE and fit in at Webster, the diversity is awesome and insane! I also love the area it is located in. Webster Groves is such a nice community to live in and we are right next to the city so there is always plenty to do whether it is off or on campus. The faculty is also amazing. They know you by your name and want to get to know you as more than just a student, but as a person. Overall I would say my college is absolutely amazing and I have no regrets about choosing Webster!


I absolutely love it here. Living on campus is great because of the newness and cleanliness of the residence halls, and the free wifi, and FREE LAUNDRY! The study abroad program is also a top aspect for me. If you haven't heard about how Webster can help you study abroad, check it out. The administration is also really wonderful. Our president is so great! She really cares about students' opinions and how they'd like to change Webster. Finally, our beloved mascot, the Gorlok, gives us a very unique sense of pride and students, athletic or not, really love him.


Webster is a school that, although has many of the same standards of education as other universities do, is unique in so many ways. In turn, it gives all of the students an amazing education because of the choices they have to offer, along with the events they hold throughout the year that help to get students involved in education, community service, and practical experience within their majors. So, to sum it up, Webster is extremely extra-unordinary when you compare it to other colleges and universities.


I love Webster. I really struggled with my college decision, and once I visited Webster, I knew this was where I wanted to go. My favorite part of the school is its diversity. Everyone can find a group here. And it doesn't even have to be with people that are in your major! I'm a vocal performance major, and my best friends are business management, video production and photography! you get exposed to so many different types of people, and you end up having a lot more fun that way. if i had to pick something to complain about, it would be parking. but, for parking, you get a spot in the garage, so it's not all bad. you just have to walk a ton. but if that's the worst thing I can think of, that's definitely not bad


I really love Webster. It is a home away from home for me. Everyone I meet seems to share the same love for what they do, and general enthusiasm for college life. I love my classes as well, Each of my teachers insists that I call he or she by their first name, and they all seem oriented on the personal class experience. Webster as a community greets me everyday as a warm fun loving place to learn.


I love Webster. I feel I have grown in so many ways by being here, both inwardly and outwardly.


The study abroad program is amazing and makes it super easy to go abroad. There are 5 international Webster campuses (London, England; Leiden, Netherlands; Vienna, Austria; Geneva, Switzerland; and Cha'am, Thailand) that you can go to where you don't have to worry about tuition changes or anything. AND your flight gets paid for and everything! It's pretty awesome. The biggest recent controversy happened when former senator Kit Bond was chosen as the commencement speaker for the 2011 graduation ceremony. People were sending angry messages to the president, the school newspaper ran some angry opinion pieces, and some people even protested during his speech at graduation. One thing I would change is that I would love to see some math and science nerds here. You know, the ones to tell math jokes in basic conversation and aren't afraid of nerdy pick-up lines.


A lot of times people ask me, "So why Webster?" or "What's your favorite thing about Webster?" To be honest, there's not just one thing that turned me on to Webster. For me, it was the composite, the "Big Picture," if you will...everything just seemed to fit me just right. I originally was looking at schools in the Chicago, LA, and New York areas (I thought I wanted to 1) get away from St. Louis, and 2) go to a big city...but I applied to Webster anyway because it was close (an hr away) and had an audio production program (not very common in the midwest.) Well, within a week of applying, my admissions counselor emailed me back congratulating me on being accepted, told me that I already was awarded a $15,000 scholarship based solely on my high school grades and ACT score and that I was eligible for other scholarships that I should apply for...plus financial aid! For me, money was a bigger part of deciding where I was going to college than I wanted to admit, and Webster was already essentially lowering it's price for me below what most state charge. So upon finding out that my other choices in the big cities were not going to be so generous, I decided on Webster. And it's been probably the best major decision I've made in my life, right up there with choosing to pick up the guitar! I can't imagine myself anywhere else. I thought I wanted a big school in a big city with artsy and intellectual people discussing metaphysics and music in coffee shops downtown. Instead I discuss metaphysics, religion, music, art, daily life, and everything else with other like-minded students in coffee shops in or around St. Louis. Who'd-a-thunk that the city I grew up in had so much more to offer!!?? Like I said, I had planned on going to a big school, but turns out this lil school of less than 3,000 undergrads ended up being my ideal college. I have friends that go to big state universities and they tell me how they can go a whole week without seeing the same person twice, or if they do, they don't realize it. At Webster, it's super-easy to make new friends, because you'll have more than one opportunity at meeting them (especially if you get into your lil schedule to and from classes and you pass the same girl every day and you kind of make eye contact and make small, cordial smiles, but you're both too shy to say anything until finally a month or two later you muster up the courage to say hi and you find out her name and you go get lunch in Marletto's and it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship....uh...anyway....) The point is, people are really friendly at Webster and I feel like it's harder to make people feel excluded than included because of the tight sense of community that you get from a smaller/mid-size school. Another endearing part of Webster is the small class sizes. I love the fact that my professor's all know me by name and most invite me to call them by their first name. This sets the tone for a casual, yet respectful relationship where I'm not afraid to ask for advice, and often times even after the class ends he or she is still more than willing to answer questions! I know in the Audio department, the professors are on an emailing list that goes out to whoever signs up for the Audio Engineering Society, so it's suuuuper-easy to get advice on anything audio anytime. This is especially helpful when I'm in the studio late at night and I can't figure out why module 32 of the console isn't producing any sound!!!--Which is another great thing about Webster...the resources! Computer labs all over, most with printers...that are FREE to use! I pride myself in knowing where all the good printer locations are for when the main station is full. ;) Plus the Audio studios are available to check out at all hours, so I can work on projects (school-related and curiosity/experimenting-based) whenever is most convenient for me! There's almost too much that I like about Webster to talk about (it probably would've been easier to say what I don't like lol) But I think the icing on the cake is campus life--actually living on campus. I've lived on campus for 2 years, going on 3, and I wouldn't take it back! I love the fact that the campus is small enough to where I can wake up in my dorm room literally 5 minutes before class and get there on time!!!!!! Sleep is sacred to me, and every last minute is coveted! Working on campus pretty much seals the deal. Not only can I eat, go to my classes and sleep on campus, I can get a super-tight job that pays more than my minimum wage job back in Warrenton! So I don't have to leave campus for anything I don't want to! I'm free to sleep in as close to work as I do for class, and then in my free time I can either chill on campus or go down to the loop for some coffee or music, or downtown to the riverfront, or forest park, the zoo, the art museum, the botanical gardens....the list goes on!!!


The best thing about Webster is its small class sizes and its individualized learning environment. Webster caps its class at 25 people. We do not have giant lecture halls. I actually get to know my professors and they know me by name. If I ever need help on projects they are ready to assist me. Webster is a smaller college. We have about 2500 undergrad full-time students. But we are about 10-15 minutes from downtown St. Louis and there is plenty to do there. The City of Webster Groves is the most beautiful city you will see in Missouri. Also, Webster is a beautiful campus. We have some old historical buildings that still function as performance spaces on out campus. We are in a great expansion with our university.


A huge reason to come to Webster is the fantastic study abroad program. There are six international campuses (4 in Europe, 2 in Asia) and Webster actually pays for your roundtrip airfare to attend these campuses. Also, all financial aid and scholarships still apply because they are actual Webster campuses. I studied in Thailand for a semester thanks to Webster, and it was the greatest experience of my life. There's also a lot of international students on campus, and I found this to be pretty awesome. Webster is located in a pretty quiet little town, but it's only 20 minutes away for the city of St. Louis. Webster just got a new president a few years ago, Beth Stroble, and so far she seems great at communicating with students. If there is one most common complaint about Webster, it is that it can be hard to find parking.