Webster University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Liberal students. Artistic, even if you don't do an artistic degree.


The type of person that should attend this school should want to be involved in and out of the classroom. This person should also be open to diverse backgrounds of races and ethnicites.


The kind of person who should attend this university must be hungry for wide ranges of opportunity to learn from both class and classmate.A person with a voracious appetite to learn as much as possible among other cultures, thereby inheriting elements of those cultures in the process.


a person looking for a new cultural experience and someone who is looking for inexpensive tuition.


Middle age professionals and older. This school is very appealing to the working adult.


Students attending this school generally are taking prerequesites for entrance into a 4 year institution. Community colleges are a great place to explore your options. I highly recommend this route for students who want to save money and for those who might not know what they want to major in yet.


Anyone can attend Webster University. Anyone interested in studying abroad or learn better hands-on can fit just as well. There are a variety of majors that are offered. Those who are very expressive and are always willing to meet new people should attend, too, because so much diversity is on campus, which creates a better and socially environment.


A person open to change, willing to accept others' differences, and also people who wish to succeed in their areas of expertise. As an Audio Production Major I am getting the best education available to me.


Somebody who likes to travel abroad (if they would like to) to Europe, Asia, American military bases and other specfic cities/ towns close to home; Although they should see the main campus (St. Lewis, Missouri) for exact details on locations on whatnot. One of the few classes that have acceditation of the USA for a Film Studies major and can only be taken in London, UK.


A student that is academically inclined and would like to have an experience of diversity and travel. Wanting small classes, with close relationships with teachers and other students. Small town feel with big opportunities.


The school is open to anyone who likes the small campus feel and doesn't want to get lost in the crowd.


Open-minded, friendly people should attend Webster University.


A person who is ready for a challenge and plan to be focused and hardworking.


A person focused on the arts, or business with a clear goal (or a lot of money). There are a lot of options for the uncertain but isn't cheap. A conservative outlook is sometimes looked down upon.