Webster University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's international perspective


I think the student body is the best part; it's definitely what makes Webster so worldy and interesteting and inviting.


We have a great mix of modern and historic architecture. Some buildings, like Sverdrup and the new business school building, have a more traditional style classroom setting and layout. However, other buildings on campus, like the Thompson Music Building, the H. Sam Priest House, and others, are all around 100 years old and still have classes in them! If you're a music student, for example, you might have a music theory course in the attic of a 100 year old house! While that might sound strange to some, it's definitely one of my favorite parts about Webster so far.


The most unique thing about our campus would probably have to be all the old academic buildings. There are three in particular that were once mansions. So the classrooms inside have fireplaces in them! How interesting is that? And they all have interesting stories behind them.


The best thing about Webster University is it's diversity and awareness. We are one of the only Universities that has majors such as Women's Studies and Human Rights, and you can see it on campus. Our professors don't just encourage, but join students in the struggle for equality of rights, sustainability, and fairness toward animals. The same issues are built into the classes I take, and it creates an atmosphere that just cannot be replicated anywhere else.


The best thing that i consider from Wevster is that classes are at night yet they are long but you do learn a lot from it and its twice a week and also its mainly for working people, mothers, older generation.


All of my classes are signigicantly smaller than most universities. I have never had more than 20 fellow students in a class. The teachers I have had interact with me on a personal level, as they want me to learn as much as I want to learn. I always feel comfortable asking questions of my teachers and fellow students! Going to class is much more fun at Webster than it was at community college!


Webster University is geared towards working professionals. The academic experience and learning conceptes are relative to today's business. The professors are experts in their field and are sensitive to the various learning styles of their adult learners.


Small classes, friendly and engaging professors, friendly staff, safe atmosphere


The small class sizes make the education more personable and gives your techers the opportunity to get to know you.


I consider the professors the best asset my school has. They are easy to get a long with and passionate about their work. I have enjoyed learning from them the past 3.5 years.


Small student population, great student to teacher ratio


Everybody is their own person, and there aren't any sororities or frats. Everyone is friends.


The best thing about our school is the flexible, liberal atmosphere that allows students of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, and more to come together in an environment with one-on-one experiences with professors and other faculty to create a healthy basis for what is to come post-graduation.