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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

Not many of my high school friends and teachers knew where or what Wellesley College is. When I explained that it's a women's college outside of Boston, the general reaction was, "What, are you a lesbian now?" After a year and a half at Wellesley, I can say that there definitely are lesbians (as well as students who are bisexual, trangendered, and more -- "sexuality is a spectrum not a binary"), but Wellesley, despite what people may say, is hardly a school "of" or "for" lesbians. We're a school of and for women, whatever their sexual orientation may be.

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No way! I know very few people at Wellesley who fit that entire stereotype. There are a few of each type, but that's what's great about's so diverse. Culturally, economically, intellectually (well, usually) and socially diverse. I was almost scared to come here because I bought into that stereotype, but being here for almost two years has taught me that there is so much more about the school than just those labels.

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competitive: yes, or kind of. particularly in economics or art department, where students are very competitive. But in other departments the atmosphere is really collaborative. smart: true. Wellesley women are very smart:)

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