Wellesley College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The class structure is one that offers the best environment for learning. Most of my classes have not exceeded a size of 15 students. This small number allows professors to offer me and the other students personal attention that is not afforded in a larger institution. This individual attention extends outside the classroom; professors are VERY willing to help their students and the small classroom size makes this possible. It is also easier to participate in classroom discussions, which are rarely lecture based. I genuinely feel that my intellectual development has progressed because of the class sizes.


One of the best aspects of Wellesley is the strong communal relationship among the student body. This is clearly evident in our use of Big and Little Sisters, whom we keep in touch with throughout the year. In addition, there is an strong alumni network present, which also provides evidence of Wellesley's sense of community. At larger universities, it would be easy to feel lost in such a large student body. However, this is not the case at Wellesley. The friendly atmosphere, sense of community, and dedication to the college post-graduation really draw me to this school.


The best thing about Wellesley College is when you are able to say that you are an alum of the college. I say that because during your time at Wellesley you will experience a very demanding, competitive, cut-throat, and depressing environment. Happiness only ensues when you end your time there and are able to say that you are an alum of this prestigious school.


I love that Wellesley produces strong women who are dedicated to their dreams and ambitions and are eager to challenge society's expectations of them.


The best thing about my school are all of the opportunites that are offered to the students. Last year I got to go on a volunteer trip for Habitat for Humanity to New Orleans and it was all paid for by my school. Without the funding, I would never have gotten that opportunity to bond with other students in a new area and in turn learn more about myself. I genuinely feel that my school helps to promote self-growth and achievement amongst its students.


Wellesley College is extremely challenging but does not seem overwhelming. Learning becomes fun because you are engaged with your peers as well as your professors. I love the environment of the school and knowing that I can do whatever I want to when I graduate. Working hard at school pays off in the end.


The campus. It is beautiful and very open.


It's name and the alum connections after college. Going to this school really helps when you need to find a job or internship because of that.


The diversity and the professors' availability towards students


My school is so encouraging of their students and we have the most supportive professors. Wellesley made sure I could afford college.


I love the community at wellesley. the types of women that wellesley attracts are amazing. they are deep, intellectual and believe in big and great things even if it is selfish.

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