Wells College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Traditions make Wells College, who it is.


The students and faculty are extremely friendly and accepting here, as well as an abundance of resources available for any individual who is in need of advice or just wants to talk, regardless of their background, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, or anything else that they may feel oppresses them in any way.


Wells College has a great sense of community and the traditions really get people involved.


Wells is a melting pot where totally unique individuals can come together in one place and remain friends for the rest of their lives; we are a family based on tradition, education and respect.


Wells College can only be describe by the students: a unique blend of independent people with a thirst for building a community.


Wells College is one of those colleges that will give you the chance to actually move towards success.


Creative with a lot of Traditions!


A place where the academics are rigorious, but the sense of community is plentyful.