Wells College Top Questions

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It is extremely small. All of the professors know the students personally and the students actually feel connected to the professors.


The small size of the school makes it feel more like a community than a college. Everybody knows everybody else and feels a sense of pride for their school and its students. It is extremely tolerant and accepting of all kinds of people and there is a place for everyone at Wells. There is also the pure beauty of the campus and the surrounding area. The lake is breathtaking and provides a relaxing place for students to get away from the stress of classes.


Traditions Enironment


The Odd/Even Tradition. It's why I love this school so very much.


I really enjoy the small setting and the connected feeling I have here. I also like the traditions because they create a sense of community and really help everyone to feel like they belong. You're not just a number here, everyone knows who you are and it really makes you more accountable for yourself. The small size also makes it easier to participate in classes and develop lost lasting relationships with your professors.


Wells College unique size is what I loved, we are very small but with so much to offer.


The fact that Wells is small really sets it apart. Everybody knows eachother, and usually everybody looks out for one another. Because Wells is such a small school, the class sizes aren't as large as other schools, which really allows proffessors to get to know their students and vise versa.


Its size. When I was applying to schools I decided that smaller was better, I wanted the ability to discuss with faculty my thoughts and goals. I am incredibly happy I chose Wells because that is exactly what I have recieved. Small classes allow me the opportunity to learn how others learn and learn from them on an intensified level. Additionally, faculty have become more then mentors they have become my friends and family at Wells. Who else could say they walked down the road to have dinner with the President of their school and a few professors? Not many.