Wentworth Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anybody can begin studying here, but be sure you've decided on your major because there aren't many options for switching majors


People who should attend WIT are people who work hard and know what they want to do after college. These students should have education be their main priority in college.


The type of person that should attend this school should be committed to his/her major and overall goal. At Wentworth, you start freshmen year with a declared major and you have major specific classes in your schedule. The person interested in this school should know this ahead of time. The school is not for everyone because it is so major-oriented; however if you know what you want to do, then it is the perfect school for you.


I think that anyone serious about their studies and interested in getting a head start in their chosen field would do well at Wentworth Institute of Technology. It is an excellent school located in beautiful downtown Boston Ma. The school showcases a great campus that is easily accessible by public transportation.


Someone interested in a design or engineering field who wants to graduate with real world experience.


a person who loves hands on experience all the schools classes have a lab portion that go along with them so you get both hands on work and classroom work when taking your classes. the student also needs to want to learn becuse there are so many ways to get help and to help yourself at school including the tutoring, your professors, and the library.


Attend this school if you are looking for a career oriented college experience rather than one full of school spirit.


Anyone who wants to live in a city, boston is the place to be. There is always something to do outside of school. It is alot of hard work to make it through and graduate. They say it is easy to get into but hard to get out.


Anyone who wants to higher their education in tecnhology fields, such as engineering, design, computer, and management.


Someone who is willing to sacrifice a typical "college" life and can think in both an artistic and realistic way, should consider WIT. Long nights and money spent on art supplies (at least in the majors of architecture and design) should be budgetted, so a student that might possibly squander money away should be cautious.




A hard working outgoing friendly person who doesn't like to sit around and do nothing all the time.

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