Wesley College Top Questions

Describe the students at Wesley College.

Alainna Caitlyn

I've seen all kinds of people at my school. Wesley is mostly Black and White, with a growing Hispanic, Asian and African presence on campus. We've grown pretty diverse and you can make friends from anywhere. Wesley has a international program and a multicultural union where international students and Wesley students can mingle. I don't think that the LGBT is very present at Wesley. It's tolerated and encouraged but I think many people are in the closet. A new group was created called PEAS and it is an Ally/LGBT combined group that I'm apart of. It's dedicated to awareness and education of issues, not only concerning the LGBT community, but Sex Ed as well. I was very shy when I came here and in some respects I have my moments but I've grown alot since then. I don't think overly rich students would like it here, its not super extravagant. I think almost 90 percent of students here use financial aid, because Wesley is pretty inclusive in its admissions and takes almost everyone. It gives out alot of financial help to students and WorkStudy and WorkShip are very prevalent here. I think most students are liberal minded but there are conservatives on campus but their voice is seldom heard. Wesley is a Methodist college but those viewpoints haven't been relevant here since the 50s.


My classmates are either driven or lazy.


The students at Wesley college are diversified and interactive in many aspects.


All of the students that I've encountered so far are...colorful.


my classmates are devoted but also a distaraction if the class is not bieng taken seriously.


my classmates are diverse, confident, out going, and extremly studious.


They are good humored for the most part.


my classmates are very nice, everyone seems to get along and everyone is very helpful. there are many study groups and get togethers outside of the classroom.