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Alainna Caitlyn

Wesley College has the advantage of being a small, private school with great professors. It allows you to get close with people who can help you, and later on, give you options for your future. At Wesley, you'll have so many opportunities to get close with your professors and it's something you have to do. Since the campus is so small, everyone knows each other and there is a close knit community. There are ample opportunities to get involved in clubs, organizations, greek life, community outreach programs. You'll never feel like you can't be heard. Obviously, Wesley has drawbacks. It is a bit too small and many of the departments share floors when it would benefit the students and professors to have their own space. The area around Wesley (Dover De) isn't very safe and often security doesn't do enough to ensure the safety of its students. The tuition is a little high and the freshmen dorms are a nightmare. The best thing about Wesley is the academics, networking and the people. I wouldn't have transferred from Wesley because I'm a very loyal person but the friends that I've made here are lifelong and so are the opportunities I've been given.