Wesley College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Wesley College?


I feel as though anyone can attend my school, beacause my school has students from all walks of life. The good thing about my schhol that there is a club for all races no one would left out that in attends at my school.


Anyone serious about their educational goals. If you slack too much or act out in town you'll find yourself on the next Trailway's bus home.


Anybody that is interested in a diverse environment that offers a good community for schooling.


if you like a close knit family environment, wesley is for you, its small, so getting to class and navigating the campus are easy. if you are undecided, wesley can really help you decide what you want to do with your life. if you are a studious, but still fun loving person, who is friendly and looking for a family as well as college networking opportunities wesley is the perfect college for you. wesley is for people who thrive in small cities, but if you love big cities, dont worry wesley is close to four major metropolitan areas to.


A person who can afford asmall private college and would not mind being in classes with at least 16-18 students.


It depends on your major. Many people in my major are more open minded and free spirited, while others are uptight, conservative, one sided people.


The person should active.