Wesley College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what i do now, i would tell my past self to relax and not worry its not a hard transition. Not to stress on missing out with your NY friends. Thats what i did and i was super shy when i came to orientation and i regret it. another is prepare to be on your own, i know im an independent person but buying food and getting school work done could work out better if you are more aware. Last done by shy and meet new people as thats what i failed on and i missed out on alot and hopefully i can find more friends males and mostly female. The first year was bad the first time but if going through it the second listening to this it will be alot better.


i would tell myself to read way more books and apply for scholarships way more then i already have. Also i would tell myself to save money and be ready to work very very hard.


If I could go back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd tell myself to stay the way you are. Being that it's a lot of kids first time really being away from their parents, they might start to do things they wouldn't normally do. It can get out of control depending on how much self control you have. The best thing to do is to have a demanding and determined mindset and you will be fine. Stay true to yourself and you will not be disappointed leaving college. It should be one of the most exciting times of your life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student I would tell myself to plan ahead for college. I would need to think about financial issues and how much college is going to cost me. I would apply for tons of more scholarships. I would also tell myself to plan out a study schedule. In college I was able to plan one out easily, but I would tell myself to plan this before college. I would make sure I know where all the resources are located in the college I am planning to attend. I would tell myself to talk more with the school to get to know my options as a student better.


Make sure you have all your financial business in order. My family had a hard time getting financial help for me and I could not obtain any credit due to the lack of credit. If possible, find a school in your home state as you can received more money from your state. Start as early as possible applying for free scholarship money and check into the school you want to attend for grants they may have. As far as college life is concerned, stay focused on what you are there for, to get your degree. Keep open communication with your professors.


College is just around the corner and I know you’re excited and nervous all at the same time. Finally you get to be on your own, there won’t be anyone there to tell you what you can and can't do. This seems great, but freedom comes with responsibility. Once the weekend rolls around drinking and partying will be the only thing on your mind. I say this from experience being the life of the party isn’t always a good thing. People will judge you every second of everyday; don’t become known for a mistake you made one night. Don't lose sight of why you’re here; school must come first in every situation. Professors will give you assignments and their due dates the first day of class, so work ahead make it easier on yourself. Make a study schedule and stick to it, because if your day is all planned you're less likely to find yourself in trouble. Finally just because you may have screwed up a few times in the beginning doesn’t mean that’s the end, you're the one in charge so change it.


Looking back three years ago when I was a high school senior the advice I would tell myself would be the following things; stop my procrastination, improve my poor time management skills, and my study patterns. The first piece of advice is that I would give would be to work on my procrastination. I find that constant procrastination delayed my academic work. For example, due dates are closer than you imagine this should caution you because time is limited for school assignment. Another piece of advice is time management. I always taught that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”, but in fact time is a terrible thing to waste. I believe in order to go from being an average student to an above -average student it is important to have good time management skill. The final piece of advice I would give would be better study patterns. This academic skill is an important characteristic that will help you excel as a student. Ultimately, having study session within the quiet walls of the library. In doing these three things it will help to take you from an ordinary student to a superior student that stands out among their peers.


has a senoir, preparation for the next level of education, being emotionally, mentally and physically ready for college. breaking away bad habits, and starting good study habits. focusing on the goals to be successful in the classroom.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school I would make many changes. Since begining college last semester I learned very quickly that college is life changing experience. There are no more easy days. I was able to procrastinate in high school. Due dates were always given in advance and teachers would remind us daily. College I must read my syllabus and keep a daily planner. Something I would have never did as a senior, the only planner I kept was of football games and social affairs. I would have paid more attention and became a better note taker. Taking notes and keeping track of deadlines is impairative. Staying organized, keeping all papers is an aspect in college. No shoving papers inside the locker or backpack only to find them weeks later and taking a late grade. I now carry folders for each class marked with dividers and tables of contents. Study habits something teachers in high school preached about. Cramming for an exam was easy in high school. Not in college, It is almost impossible to cram for a college exam. If I could step back in time I would and learn many new traits.


The first thing I would tell myself is "SAVE MONEY NICOLE". I have always been motivated and kept my head straight, and came out with a 3.0 GPA for my first semester. Although I knew school was expensive and strived to apply for every scholarship under the sun, it still wasn't enough. So i wouldnt down talk myself, and say get my heads in the books cause that was well learned from my mother. I would just simply remind myself, you don't have to eat out everynight.....JUST SAVE MONEY!


I would give the advice to stay positive and focus. I would suggest the student not to let anyone or thing get inbetween his or whole goal, also that anything is possible to accomplish. I would inform the student how important it is to be involved in school and extra curriculum activities will keep you busy when you need extra time yo feel in. Most important I would remind the student that although having fun and enjoying ylour life is what you want to do, you can not let the most important factor slip your mind and that is to get good grades a great gpa and stay focus.


I would have told myself to not get married right out of school and instead get my college education completed first. I also would have told myself to become a full time student because I started out part time and worked. It didn't turn out to be as optimal as I hoped it would have been.


Knowing what I know now about college, I would tell myself to take my time. There always seems like a lot of pressure when you graduate high school. Many people including teachers and family, expect you to go to a four year college. I thought that was not for me. I decided to go to a two year technical college instead. During those two years I made some mistakes financially and had to find an extra job to cover my bills. Because of that I dropped out of school. Knowing that I start school in a month, I have to create a healthy balance of school and work. I wish I would have known that two years ago, but because I didn't I learned a valuable lesson.


If I could go back and give my high school senior self advice about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to go to the local community college for two years and earn all of my pre-requisite credits and core credits before going to a four year institution and also open up my options and see what other careers may interest me. I would do this because it would have helped my family so much financially because at the time my dad had just lost his job and I feel that I only got to go to college under these conditions by the grace of God. Also, after being an Exercise Science major for nearly two years, I changed my major to Liberal Studies because I wanted to pursue a career in Law Enforcement but could not major in Criminal Justice because Wesley does not offer that (but I am talking to the Vice President of Academic Affairs to attempt to have that as an available major for future students).


The advise that I would give myself if I could go back to myself in highschool would be to take school more seriously. My chances of getting in to a university that I really wanted to get into would have been a reality for me. My SAT scores would have been high enough to be competitive, and I would have done a lot more community service which would have allowed me to be more rounded. I would have also advised myself to look into scholarship programs that would have allowed to be more financially prepared for school.


I would tell myself to slow down and relax because you only live life once. Take time to breathe and just have fun. Because once school is over all you will do is work. The AP and honors classes will help you in college but you shouldn't make them your life in high school. High school is the last time where you will have almost no responsibilty, take advantage of that. You should hang out with your friends more, you will forget your test grade but you will never forget the moments you share with friends. Take time to yourself and learn who are and find out what your true passions are. Continue to work hard in school and finish out your high school years with a strong academic finish but don't forget to play. Cherish all the memories you made and cherish your friends. Spend more time with your family, you moving away is harder on them then you realize. Tell everyone who helped you along the way thank you even the people who put you down because they made you stronger. Most of all learn to love yourself because then everything else will fall into place.


Rod Stewart said it best when he sang: "I wish I knew, what I know now. When I was younger." Given the opportunity to go back in time and educate myself as a high school senior, I would say to go for every opportunity that comes your way. An opportunity may come in any form or shape. It could be an opportunity to run for president of a club that you're interested in, or to spend that extra hour in the library or even as simple as introducing yourself to your classmate. Get involved! There are so many avenues of dreams in college, you just have to be open to them. I would also encourage myself to continue to practice self motivation because an education is something that no one can ever take away. Never give up. Whether you end up with your dream job or not, you will still have obtained the knowledge and experiences from college. Do not give up on your dream nor be close minded of what could possibly transpire.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. Going to college has made me change as a person, I am more driven and even more motivated than ever before. College has taught me that if you want something in life you have to work for it, nothing is going to come to you easy. Attending college is one of the most important steps in life anyone can take. For me college is my way of making a better life for myself and my family. One day I will be able to help others and their family.


A chance to attend college, most of my high school graduate didn't get this chance, some with to communtiy because of finances. By attending Wesley College it make me more of adult and not depending on my mother to do varies things for me.


A number of business decisions have led me to my decision to pursue a career in nursing. The first one almost broke me. The second one broke me into a new source of strength. The first decision: my parents’ decision to buy a house. Their answer: buying a house in the Atlanta suburbs where our money was worth more. They sacrificed to put a large roof over my head, but the bigger the house brought greater financial strain. I'm grateful for my parents good intentions, but even more so for their lack of follow-through. Specifically, the lessons and motivation gained from it. Watching them give up, I learned apathy swings its own working ball, now I can’t stop building. I'm currently halfway through my junior year of nursing school at Wesley College. My goal is to graduate, knowing how to steer business transactions toward a moral and ethical purpose. If you can imagine what that feeling is like, after you’ve raced against looters to snatch up your clothes and shoes, tossed in your yard by a mortgage lender, you can imagine why it will be truly rewarding for me to give back to the community.


My college experience has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities I can allow myself to choose from. I have learned to be more social and my hands on abilities in the nursing field have greatly improved since I have a great variety of tutors, equipment and willing to work with me type of professors. There are an endless amount of clubs and organizations to be apart of and the school is not too big and not too small. I have made life long friends and I hope to continue to attend this college for the remaining 3 years.


First thing I am getting out of my college experience is education. All of my teachers want to see to their students succeed. All of the works that the teachers give are not always easy but there is always help to be found. If the teacher is not able to help there are tutors that help the school pays for, so they are free for the students. Making friends is also an important part of the college experience. For the most part the friends that are made in college are the lifelong friends, and from personal experience these friends are very helpful and supportive. They are the ones that want u to succeed and become successful. These experiences have been so valuable because it helps build skills that I will need for life, such as social skills, work habits, and time management skills. This is a step taken towards completing my future goals.


Out of my college experience, I have gotten the chance to be apart of a completely different community where every body knows everybody. The Wesley community is small. I have made great relationships not only with all my professors but with almost all the students. Going to college and to get through to graduation takes much dedication, involvement and hard work. I have volunteered, along with other students at Wesley College, to rebuild a playground for children at a nearby church. It feels good to have done that. It has been valuable to attend college because I have gained self confidence, I learned how to be independent, yet not turn down a helping hand. It has been valuable for me also because I learned how to manage time to study and know when and when not to play. College is a one of a kind experience that I am happy to have had and continue to be apart of. I think that everyone should try college whether he/she lives on campus, which is a fun experience, or not. My college experience overall is valuable and is something that will carry me on to huge success. I love college.


I made a family at Wesley, just before I attended college, I lost my grandmother, and the year before I lost my father, I was lost, but then I arrived at Wesley, and I instantly fell in love with the campus, the students, the faculty, everything. my roommates are really good and fun people, and I call everyone in my dorm building a friend. Wesley is a very small college, I can walk across campus in less than ten minutes, and that's a good thing, I feel like I know everyone on campus, and I feel completely safe and free at the same time. I am gaining a valuable education at a great school, but I have already gained family and friends whom I will never forget, the experiences I have attained at Wesley have helped to shape me as a person and I wouldn't change anything at this college, not a single person or even a single blade of grass.


I have received many things out of my college experience from Wesley College. One of the most important things I have received is a sense of belonging. Somehow Wesley has been able to compile a group of professors that really seem to love what they are doing. Their excitement translates into lectures that so interesting which makes coming to class exciting. The administration from President Johnston on down tries to get to know the students on a first name basis and they have an open door policy. As a result of encouragement of President Johnston and some of my professors I am very involved in student organizations. I am the Freshman Class Representative for the Student Nurses Association, the Student Government Representative for the International Students Association and a member of the Student Activity Board. These experiences have helped me to become more organized and build long lasting memories. I feel that I am getting the most out of my college education and I really enjoy going to school! This has been and will continue to be extremely valuable to me because I am having fun while learning so what I learn is sinking in more!


If I could rewind this past year, I would not know what to tell myself. College is a whole other ball-game, but I?ve felt well prepared for it. High school appropriately prepared me for the college life and I have no complaints. Wesley is a good college; the teachers that I?ve had so far have been wonderful. The only thing that I would prefer to change is my social life, but that?s not as important as academics!


I would tell myself to prepare for a number of costly books and the transition from dependency to being independent. I would tell myself to find a job to support income for books and other personal items. Getting to know people is very important when in need of help. You never know who's willing to help if you don't ask. Seek help! If you need help academically financially no matter what the circumstances find it; there is always someone who can help you. Prepare yourself for a different lifestyle. You will meet new people with different origins and different view on life, race and religion. Studying and staying on top of your grades is a must in order to be successful and become a grade student. Hard work and dedication is the key when striving for excellence.


The advice that I would give myself is make have time management. Now that I am in school, I procrastinate a lot. Students need to study more and not worry about partying with my friends because that comes later. Partying will not get me the degree I need to be successful so that is why I need to study more and pay attention a lot better in class. I need to put the books first because that is where I will get my knowlege from.


I would tell myself to save up money and change because when it comes to living on your own you never know when you will need extra cash or change. second i would tel my self to learn how to study because, a lot of proffesors assume that you read and study the material on your own which is why they dont really tell you what is on the test. Also, i would tell myself to try my hardest on every assignment given. This is because unlike high shool colleges are not required to give you a certain amount of assignments. In college very few assignments are given and one bad grade can kill you. Last i would tell myself to not procrastinante because procrastinating only adds to the stress that you will feel on a day to day basis and the longer you procrastinate the more stress will build up. plus the longer you work on an asignment, the better it is likely to be. This is because you are giving yourslef chances to find mistakes and review your ideas.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to expect a big difference from being in high school to being a college student. I would tell myself to get well aquainted with studying and time management. In high school you are in school for eight hours a day with classes every 57-minutes. However, in college you will probably have only four hours of class per day leaving you with a lot of time on your hands that you might not know what to do with. This is why time management is a great quality to start working on while still a high school student. Some advice I would give myself would be to start preparing early. I would tell myself to choose schools early and start looking for grants and scholarships that you can use to help you out financially. Late planning gets you off to a late start. Who wants to be a new student at a new school who is already behind? Not me. Thats why I advise you to get on top of your game.


That both parents and students need to be involved in the process. Also take a trip to the school and sit in a class to get an idea how classes are and what goes on in a classroom.


Choosing a college is an extremely time consuming process. Even though you now know that, it is crucial you take the time to get to know the campuses and the people of the colleges to which you are interested. Don't ever trust a school's website. What is the website trying to do? They are trying to get you to come to the school. They'll never show you the true view of their school, because each school has flaws that aren't apparent right away. Visit schools, ask questions, and even ask the questions that most people find taboo; partying, drinking, drugs, and the crime rate are all valid topics and are often best posed to regular students, not your tour guides or college deans (students don't usually have a reason to lie). Once you find a school, remember that your lifestyle is going to change. You won't have your parents and you'll be on your own. Grow up. Make decisions. Have fun! In the end, you want to have a degree, but you don't want to sacrifice all of the life lessons and friends that you can gain from being a college student.


Sometimes the one you don't think will work, will be the best choice.


The advice that i would give parents and students about finding the right college would be to really take the time to look into different school and visit them. Make sure that each school you look into offers the extra activites you want along with your major. If you need to work while you are in school thats another thing you want to make sure to look into. College life is what you make of it, if you dont get out there and meet people and join activites you wont have as much fun. So get involved, meet people and make the most of college life because its been one of the best times of my life so far.


In selecting the right school you should consider: the area in which the school is located, the population of the school, the number of different programs given at the school, and if you go on a visit dont think just because the people on the visit make a school look glamorous its automatically the best choice ask students you see on the campus how they feel about school here.


make sure you make a list of attributes most important to you, whether it be class size, location, etc. stick to those attributes when looking for colleges.


To study alot.


The advice that I would give to parents is to allow your child(ren) to make the decision for themselves. It is important to put in your thoughts about their selection, but do not make the decision for them. Students should make the college selection based on what they want most for their future. Do not select a school because your best friend is picking it, or because it is the opposite of your hometown. Select a college that is going to allow you, as the student, to be yourself and have the ability to thrive in your own way. Pick a college that is in a geographic area that means something to you personally. An example may be a historic town with quaint restaurants because you enjoy culture and history. Live on campus, at least for one semester, to learn about yourself outside of the family home. You learn a lot about yourself when you have to clean up after yourself and do your own laundry. College is a wonderful experience and you should put 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of yourself into the decision about picking the right college for yourself.


Visit as many schools as you can. Talk to the students on campus about the classes, teachers and campus life. Do not go to the first school you get accepted too, think about your choices.


I would tell them to visit as many campuses as they can. They will get the right feel for the place by visiting, and talking to other students.


Make sure it is a college that your child wants to attend. Do not make them go to a college just because you want them too. They will most likely not like it and feel very unmotivated.


do your research and make sure the school fits your personal size....schedule a campus visit..after all you will be there for 4 yrs..make sure you love the atmosphere


Find a campus big or small enough to fit your comfort. Make sure the professor's are very knowledgeable in what they teach. Find out about the school's clubs, sports, activities, and anything else you may want to be involved in. Check the surroundings around the campus for safety, and also for grocery stores, shopping centers etc.