Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wesleyan University is a liberal arts college, that allows young adults to explore their options of study, gain vaulable knowledege, travel abroad, make ever-lasting connections, and be a young adult all at the same time :)


You'll notice that many students have classy and/or unusual fashion sense. You won't see a lot of North Face. If you eavesdrop on student conversations, you're likely to hear about everything from the french fries in the dining hall to heteronormativity in American society.


Wesleyan University is a liberal arts college in New England that attracts and encourage a student body with intelligent, progressive, and innovative ways of thinking.


Wesleyan is a liberal roller-coaster where people have fun and truly care about one another.


Wesleyan is a place where young liberal-minded, academically gifted students come to form a homogenuous culture of diversity.


Alex shows us a normal day on Foss Hill with people relaxing and playing sports.


A mixture of everything.