Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its education, eccentricity and excelence in flim studies.


A lot of people have asked me about a "Naked Dorm." While it is something we are quite known for, I haven't seen or heard of it. One of Wesleyan's strengths that we should be best known for is that we have extremely strong academic programs across the spectrum. Our film department is highly-renowned, but we also have really strong sciences for a liberal arts school of our size


Wesleyan is best known for being a liberal, progressive, small university with a diverse student population consisting of the activists, the musicians, the jocks, the hippies, etc. who go beyond simply co-existing amongst each other and actually interacting and befriending one another. Every student here is unique.


Wesleyan is probably most well known for being a liberal haven, and for its politically activeness among the students. That being said, it is clear to all who attend, or even visit, that academics are actually taken pretty seriously here. Wesleyan is also known for being a meeting-grounds for an eclectic bunch of artists, musicians, and free-thinkers. The Sixties live on here.


My school is best known for the diversity of people that it brings together through their passions.


Wesleyan is best known for being a liberal school that provides an outstanding education in an open and accepting environment. We're tree huggers and deeply invested in contributing in a substantial way to the world when we leave here. Sometimes I think we're known for being radical thinkers, but radical in wanting change in unfair circumstances, and never ever to the point of violence.


engish and psych department


Creative, well-rounded people. People who don't like to be goruped into categories. Beautiful autumn. Hip bands. Tons of film students. Intellectuals. People who want to capitalize on their college experience.


Wesleyan is best known for the radical nature of the liberalness of the campus.


Wesleyan is best known for its liberal, activist nature. In reality, Wesleyan is not very active these days, but its students still consider themselves liberal.


science, government, english