Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


great housing options; amazing diversity and acceptance on campus; good sense of community; fun; learned the most in my life I ever have; met anmazing people, friends, professors, and teammates; lots of opportunity to get involved in whatever interests you; beautiful library; very encouraging, yet rigorous, learning environment.


I brag about how everyone at Wesleyan is friendly and warm and filled with only the best intentions. The students here care about many things: politics, their studies, their work, but most importantly, about one another. When I look at my peers, I see that they exude so much passion in how they are working towards accomplishing their dreams and goals. A lot of people here are concerned with community service and civic engagement, and I think that is really important, too; they are do-ers and have a "I want to change the world" type of mentality.


I brag most about the freedom that students are allowed to pursue old interests and to discover new passions. Every student at my school seems to be attempting something new, and most students really seem to enjoy their newfound activities. This demonstrates that, at Wesleyan, the love of learning spills out of the classroom door and into everyday life. It also creates an environment where people feel courageous enough to attempt something they had never heard of before they came to Wesleyan. This ability allows students to truly become well-rounded and understanding.


Our greatest asset - our inspiring student body!


I tell my friends about the people. I wouldn't necessarily consider it bragging, but it is certainly something I'm very proud of about my school. My classmates are eccentric and weird, and live completely alternate lifestyles from what any of my friends back home would expect. The weirdness on campus allows for incredibly interesting events and discussions to take place, and I enjoy these colorful intellectual exchanges with a true passion.


The fact that there are no firm Gen Ed requirements at Wesleyan. There are very broad requirements to fill, 2 classes in each of three categories, but if I don't want to, I never have to take a math class again (unless it's required for my major). I also brag about all the interesting classes we have, like Choreographing Biology, the fact that this year PETA voted us the #1 vegetarian school in the nation, and the fact that Joss Whedon went here!


Generally, I brag that I went to the school where Joss Whedon went. Wesleyan is the alma mater of many pioneers in the music, television and film industry, including artists such as Sanitgold and MGMT, the aforementioned Joss Whedon, and the Academy Award winning screenplay writer Akiva Goldsman, to name a few.


It is extremely academically challenging


Diversity of the people.