Wesleyan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we're a bunch of pot-smoking, bleeding-heart liberals, and that everyone would participate in Occupy Wall Street or things like that.


Wesleyan students are typically seen as ultra-liberal and/or hipsters. They are also seen as artsy, pot-smoking, not good at sports, and subversive. They are also known for chalking, protesting and having strong opinions.


It's hard to think of a stereotype that covers the whole student body.


We're a little crazy, we smoke a lot of pot


Wesleyan students are pot-smoking, liberal hippies.


very politically and socially liberal, dress in a "more liberal" way, most students are very rich


That we are all left-wing, radical, protesting hippies that live in naked dorms.


There are two major stereotypes - the hipster and the hippie. Either way, Wes kids are supposed to be trying really hard to be different.


rich and hippie or hipster gay/lesbian/etc. liberal "diverse"


That we're a bunch of hippies who would just as well go to a protest as a party. That we're naked all the time, that we're "Diversity University." That we're actually all at an all girls school in Mass. and just never realized it.


fastpaced hipsters and downbeat hippies living in perfect harmony, enjoying the sunny days and green grass while discussing why George Bush sucks. some of them reportedly are neither male nor female.


ahm, that we're overly liberal, or hippies, or potheads and druggies. I don't really know. What I will say is that no one group is really dominant on campus: it's that those groups, and a few others are either more visible, more vocal, or more easily identified. There are many students who fit the "typical college student" category, and are distinguishable only by that. I'm not a social scenester; advise three grains of salt.


All hipsters and hippies, and all gender-confused or sexuality-confused. Not smart enough to get into Brown but too good for public colleges.


One is that Wesleyan students are fundamentalist liberals, meaning that they are not accepting of anyone who is not in favor of radical ideas or (as is the case in 2008) Barack Obama. Another stereotype is that everyone has a point to make. They are more interested in their cause then anything else. Another stereotype is that the gay community is incestuous and too insular. Also the stereotypical film major is someone who only watches indie films, is emo, and stuck up. Each person thinks he/she/ze is the best thing to happen to the school and the film department. We are WAY too PC.


That we are crunchy hippies that have false values and protest more for show than for legitimate reasons.


Naked hippies with wishy-washy far-left Kusinich-hugging ideals and foreign policy opinions heavily influenced by our last acid trip




Everyone is gay, a writer, and wants to create "art."


The main stereotype about Wesleyan and its students is that everyone there is the most liberal free-wheeling people in America.


Well, there's always been the perception that Wes kids are hippies, that they talk about feelings and shower infrequently. It isn't uncommon to hear pre-frosh ask, "I've heard that you have a naked dorm here." That stereotype is a bit outdated. The more current stereotype is that Wes kids are idiosyncratic, quirky, and offbeat. The school has an excellent intellectual reputation.


People think that wes kids are ALL either dirty hippies, American Apparel Wearing Hipsters with the newest dj music pouring from their ears, crazies who protest ANYthing and EVERYthing, or extremely artsy.


1. More into mind-altering substances and left-of-mainstream philosophies and lifestyles than peer schools. 2. Politically active, in a 1960s protest and picket sort of way 3. High population of queer, trans and sexually questioning people 4. Forward thinking, avant garde artistic community 5. High population of both hippies and hipsters 6. Cutting edge in all sorts of lifestyle issues, for instance acceptance of veganism. 7. Whiny.


that we're all huge anarchist hippies.


Overly Liberal Large Scale Drug Use Wealthy and Pretentious


They are far lefties, activists, and potheads.


Really liberal, hippies, lots of gays/lesbians, weird, not normal, smoking pot 24/7, bad at sports, politically correct, rich white New England kids living off their mommys and daddys, whiny, lame, etc.


One of the major stereotypes about Wesleyan is that it is full of hippies, activists and general weirdos. Some people visiting the school allow themselves to be fooled by this stereotype, and by nature of self-fulfilling prophesy walk away with exactly that impression of the school.


One of the most common stereotypes to run across (especially when talking to parents) is that Wesleyan is some sort of giant commune run by SDS, riddled with Acid and in a constant state of uproarious protest.


All the girls are ugly, the jocks suck at sports, the hipster-jock divide, students are incredibly liberal


That we're all (smart) naked hippies who love experimenting with mind-expanding drugs all day every day. That we all join the Peace Core or Teach for America after we graduate.


hippies, techies, diverse


In general, I think people perceive Wesleyan students as super liberal-minded earthy crunchy hippies and New York hipsters. At Wesleyan, most stereotypes are represented--the jocks, the dorks, the stoners, the prep school grads, a few Republicans--and they often intersect


I think there's a stereotype that Wesleyan students are a collection of privileged stoners and hipsters who care more about criticizing and intellectually deconstructing mainstream society that with actually changing it for the better.


that we are all pot smoking, tree hugging, hippies


People think that Wesleyan is all about Hippies and Hipsters. People either too peaceful or too ironic to function.


we're ultra liberal, politically correct hippies.


Hippies, Weed, and Activism


Some might say that the Wesleyan student body is obnoxiously liberal and overly politically correct. Potheads.


There is a stereotype that Wesleyan students are a bunch of privileged hippies, trust fund liberals who are activists largely to piss off their parents. There is another stereotype that Wes students are major activists and that Wesleyan is generally a hot-bed of activism.


Wes is commonly referred to as "diversity university," which I believe refers to the student body's range of backgrounds and experiences, from racial/ethnic/international to class to sexual orientation. Wes students also used to be, if we aren't still, thought of as activists.


wesleyan absolulely sucks. its white as shit, ignorant as shit, and despite its attempt at political correctness and diversity it falls miserably short. for all you spoiled rich white kids out there lookin for a hipster environment you found the right spot i guess, and for all you ethnic kids out there save urself some money and some heartbreak cus wesleyan IS NOT DIVERSE. there was a fucking cross burning at wesleyan my freshman year which was hushed up and the kid fucking SUED his way back in to wesleyan. he then announced that "i'm not racist, i love jazz".. so racist white kids and ignorant white kids step right up, the rest of you, this is not a safe or comfortable environment for students of color. the financial aid sucks, tuition rises at a ridiculous rate, its incredibly difficult to get useful classes transfered in to wesleyan for credit, and if u come here and decide it FUCKING SUCKS like i did, u will find that it is next to impossible to transfer out to a worthwhile, useful school because these fucking useless liberal arts college classes *which will NOT help u get a job* are so fucking useless that no respectable useful college will accept them. if u have no regard for your future money or your parents money and your parents are rich enough to carry ur spoiled ass for years to come, or your priveleged ass is well connected enough that college is just a formality before mommy and daddy hook you up with some sweet as job then hey fuckit come to wesleyan you'll fit right in. but if you are looking at college as an investment in your future this is absolutely NOT the place. i have incurred more debt from this useless fucking institution than it would cost to put a downpayment on a fucking house. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. go to state school and spend the big bucks on a good grad school.


I've heard we're gay pot smoking hippies.


That we are idealistic liberals desperate to bring the sixties back. We have lost touch with the real world and are willing to protest for whatever cause is the fashion of the moment.


Queer Activist Race-conscious Youth Questing For a Better Understanding of Life in America and the World. Artsy party humanimals.


Wes students are "Weird" kids. We get the usual hippie-related accusations of dirtiness, lack of sexual or social inhibitions, etc. I think we're also reputed as whiners who need to have their voices heard in everything. If we don't think someone is listening to our progressive and enlightened opinions, we tend to get fussy (so goes the stereotype).


Radical, left-winged hippies obsessed with being part of a minority.


Activists, Out to "save the world," Hippies, Lots of pot, Lots of Musicians/Artists, "Diverse," "Open-minded," Very "liberal"


People seem to think Wesleyan is a place for weird rich people.


Wesleyan students are hipp(ies)sters who protest about everything and anything. They are also spoiled and rich, although there is a lot of racial diversity. They smoke pot a lot and have philosophical discussions to accompany their social protests.


Granola crunching, social justice-oriented, vegan protestors