West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very Diversed and welcoming to all cultures and backgrounds, of students coming from all over the world. We also have a great number of international students


West Chester University of Pennsylvania is a state university that provides a variety of educational avenues specifically designed to meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students and adult learners.


West Chester University of Pennsylvania is a place of opportunity for young scholars wanting to succeed in the future.


It is a good school for someone seeking a smaller school with sports teams and clubs


A place that is accepting of all people who will take advantage of the resources that West Chester University has to offer.


West Chester University of Pennsylvania is a large party school where students have the ability to meet a variety of different people and to learn a plethora of various material, if and only if the student strives for these provided opportunities.


This school is the perfect small town, high quality university.




West Chester University is a good university that has a lot of opporunities for students to get involved, and has a staff who is willing to help students learn to the most that they can.


I love the professors of my field so much. They are incredibly knowledgeable in their fields, helpful to all students and kind. You can tell that they are all incredibly intelligent and have a great amount of experience in their fields of interest. Their interest in helping the students is quite aparent as well.


West Chester was a school with a great balance between socializing and academics.


West Chester University is a welcoming campus community which encourages students to pursue their own interests and achieve their own individual potential while also helping them to develop lasting ties with one another by emphasizing themes such as unity, diversity, acceptance, scholasticism, atheleticism, activism, and service in a community which is both comforting and exciting.


West Chester University is a very friendly not only school but environment also.


The school I attend is very understanding.


West Chester University, education of the future located in your backyard.


The Dub-C is the best thing in the world,offering every student the oppurtunity to futher their education at an afforable cost!


My school is a very homey place, with great people and good times.


A place that makes success possible for people from all walks of life.


A suburban school in a quaint little town that has many businesses that are very friendly to college students. The campus is rural with very nice buildings. It is an average size and I feel very comfortable there.


My school has a great social scene, approachable professors, awesome location, and a vibrant cultural scene.


West Chester University is a diverse campus, set just a few blocks from the historic town of West Chester, which offers a wide variety of academic choices, as well as extra-curricular activities, and provides the perfect setting for an incredible college experience.


West Chester is a beautiful school with many great opportunies in almost any major you would like to persue.


West Chester reminds me of my home in Abington, just a little above average.


West Chester University is a friendly, welcoming, diverse, intelligent, helpful school, that any student who attends could succeed.




Expect to drink.


West Chester University is a good school to attend and has a lot of character.


Very friendly atmosphere with very good academics and support for those who need.


hard working, dedicated people doing there best to get ahead in the rough world we live in today.


Overall, the school is amazing, with a great faculty and great students.


Full of opportunities to get involved in the school.


It is the perfect enviorment to only to grow as an acedemic but also as a person. I love it, period.