West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


It's hard to describe. We all come from different backgrounds and each have different personalities. At the same time we all see one purpose, and that is that we are all there to further our education and get where we want to go in our lives. We want to succeed more than anything to obtain whatever the degree that we want, so that way we can pursue our life around that. Classmates is not a word to describe the people that I attend class with, but rather friends.


Attend college to party.


the students are very friendly they smile at you even if you dont know them no one is obnoxious


The atmosphere around West Chester University is quite refreshing compared to Montgomery County Community College and I believe that they are entergentic, creative and extremely passionate about their school.


My classmates are jubilant, fun, and ambitious.


My classmates are all unique, everyone is different and has a different opinon, they are also open and intelligent.


Most of the classmates at West Chester University are friendly. When you are walking to class many people will say hello in passing and when teachers assign group projects, your fellow classmates take on the responsibility of their work load.


My classmates are very dedicated.


Students are from all walks of life. We have students of all different race and ethnicities and everyone has different interests as well. There is a LGBT community as well, and it is supported by the whole campus. There are many different groups on campus such as Greek organizations to writing clubs and ultimate frisbee teams. No student would feel out of place at WCUPA because there are so many different people from different social classes, different parts of the United States, and from different cultural backgrounds. We have a very large and diverse group of students.


My classmates are motivated, driven, and my future competition.


My classmates are transitioning into adulthood and many have already attained it; some struggle in class, but many thrive and the curriculum is set-up to help those find an area that best suits their needs.


My classmates are extremely diverse at West Chester University. I recently noticed a flyer around campus describing our student population. I believe it reported that WCU is represented by students from over 39 different states at the moment and a couple of dozen different countries. This wide range of students brings to life a unique cultural experience for all those that attend the university. Because so many students come from different parts of the country or world, we are all very open to accepting other life-styles and we all learn from each other’s unique experiences.


My classmates are a large group of hardworking, determined, friendly students, who share a common interest in achieving a higher education.


My classmates are a diverse group of people with both common and different interests, and that is what allows everyone at West Chester to voice their own opinions and speak their minds; it's absolutely wonderful.


Classmates are great and very supportive and friendly. They interact well with each other on and off campus.


I feel like many of the students here are not invested in their academics, and almost seem to view class as a nuisance that keeps them from the more fun aspects of "the college experience;" it is rare to have more than one or two students in a class who are engaged in course material and active in class discussion.


It depends on who you talk to but these students are extremely diverse in thoughts, actions, and orientation.


All of my classmates are dedicated to completing their college educations and continuing on, to teach full-time after college.


My classmates are very intelligent and determined to graduate and become successful teachers one day.


For the most part my classmates here at West Chester University are a lot like me. I have observed that many of them, as well as myself, are really excited to further our education and learn more. Coming here to West Chester University I was unsure about how friendly everyone was going to be but within the first few days of being at school I had already made a tight group of friends. The kindness of everyone here at WCU was very overwhelming and excited me to know that there were people here that I could really relate to.


My classmates are optimistic for a brighter future full of new discoveries and improvements to better enhance our lives.


My classmates are very friendly once you get to know them, but some of them are shy at times.


Majority of my classmate we on the same itelligence level as me and were friendly.


Diverse and friendly


My classmates in a nutshell are, friendly, goal oriented, and focused.


easy going, they like to party, drink every thursday, everyone seems to pass at least most of their classes


They are friendly, open to meeting new people, and mostly out-spoken.


There are all different types of students at West Chester and it's great sharing classes with many of the same people due to the size of the university.


Social, respectful, helpful, and unique individuals.


They tend to be quiet, unsure and scared.


Everyone is very open and friendly. There is some separation between groups of people but everyone is accepting of everyone else.


We all go into class prepared. College is for your self only, you are the only one who can put forth the effort to acheieve what you want.