West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


West Chester is best known for its Education Program. It is known as the Teacher school. Many people go to West Chester University for education, but at the same time they offer many other majors.


Aside from the ridiculously fun parties, and the heavenly bagels at Einstein's, West Chester University is best known for the personable professors and class sizes.


West Chester is best known for being one of the best state schools in the categories of accademics and affordability. West Chester is also well know for its musis program, football team, and lastly it's partys.


West Chester is best known for their quality of learning


West Chester is known for it's profienct music program.


My school is best known for it's high-quality undergraduate and graduate education as well as affordable tuition. WCU has a remarkable marching band and music department. It is a small/medium campus but feels a lot bigger since it is located right in the borough of West Chester. The town is walking distance and has many cute shops and delicious restaurants for students.


Our school is best known for the location of the school. The school is located 30 minutes from Philly which provides ample job and internship opportunites. There is also a town located in walking distance of the campus that provides an outlet for expression and recreational time. Students tend to gather in town and socialize and forge new connections with people they meet.


My school is best known for it's academics and its size. It is one of the biggest Pennsylvania state schools. It is also known as hard to get into, and the classes are known to be difficult. It's also known as a party school, which is interesting because it's a dry campus.


My school is best known for its education. Most of the professor's truly care about your future and how much you are learning and growing in class. If you come to West Chester University you will definitely get a great education.




It's Education Department and Music Department


While my school is a local, state university, it is known for its challenging academics and its great value. It has been ranked as one of Kiplinger Magazine's "Best Value" school for the past three years. Also, West Chester has an amazing Communicative Disorders and speech pathology program, with a speech pathology research lab on campus, which many of the schools in the surrounding area do not have. While West chester does have a bit of a reputation of a "party school" many students remain focused on simply receiving a quality education.


West Chester University is best known for it's education and performing arts programs. The University recently constructeda mult-million dollar state-of-the art school of music to further solidify it's commitment to developing a strong performing arts program. The department of education has a long history of high job placement rates in some of the best school districts on the east coast. The University is also known for it's beuatiful campus which includes several historically designated buildings.


Teaching, being in the wonderful city of West Chester, business, physical therapy, and having a lot of parties. Also the fact that they have really great dorms compared to other college or university dorms.


West Chester University is most known for its Education Department. Most people who go to West Chester are trying to become teachers. They have a wonderful Education Department with professionals who have been in the field for decades. The professors have many years of experience in education and they do their best to pass their wisdom along to the students. They provide practical advice that potential teachers can one day use in their classrooms, and give students the tools to become effective teachers.


Lots of people look at West Chester as a party school, but we're not as bad as people make it out to be. Our music and education programs are stellar and everyone seems to know that.


West Chester University is best known for it's location and accessibility. WCU is located right in West Chester, where jobs are easily found, and students can have an easy social life. It's not in the middle of no where, and most students who come to West Chester are some-what local to begin with. WCU was named Oxford's (where I come from) 13th grade, because a large percentage of our 2008 graduating class began at WCU.


My school is best known for its education and nursing programs, as well as its music program.


My school is best know for the music program. My school is also known as being one of the best state schools in Pennsylvania.


West Chester University is best known for its undergraduate teaching program. It's one of the top programs in the nation.


Our education and music degrees.


WCU is best known for its marching band and its great education program. WCU began as a teaching college and later grew to include many other popular majors. However, it is still known best for its education program.


Teaching, nursing and athletic training majors.


This school is best known for thier music program and thier education program. This university is known for thier high varsity leveled sports. There is plenty of majors and activities for everyone to do.


West Chester is known best academically for music, teaching and nursing. I think it's also known for it's diversity.


West Chester University is best known for it's Education and Business Departments. Being a State School, alot of students enroll at WCU to recieve their teaching certification. The university recently beacme NCATE accredited which appearently is a big deal.


Music, Theatre, and Education departments.