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West Chester University's campus was conveniently located in my area, provided a satellite campus for evening classes, and marketed my selected program to other professionals of similar interests. I was able to form a network of like-minded and similarly goaled professionals who I continue to have a relationship with even after 10 years.


Personally, as an education major I feel like I really stand out in local schools as a possible employee. It is a very well known program that develops excellent teachers. Also, the town of West Chester, PA is a great attraction to incoming students. Within walking distance from the campus, the town offers a large variety of restaurants, bars, and local businesses. The town is very historical and offers a lot of fun events both outdoor and indoor.


For my situation West Chester University was unique because it was a reasonable distance from my house and the campus was the perfect size in my opinion. Everything is in walking distance which I really like. Also West Chester Universtity is a good University academically but isn't outrageously expensive like many other Universities. And since I have to pay for school through loans I didn't want to take out huge loans and be in debt for a long time.


We are all connected and feel like a family, thanks to the university's events for example Banana day.


West Chester University was the smart choice in terms of financial and career opportunities. It was extremely affordable compared to other schools I looked at; and, it gave scholarships. As per career opportunities, I have been able to encorporate a minor with my major. It is located in a nice town and is about thirty minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Because of its location, there are vast opportunities for internships. Lastly, I had the opportunity to play Division II tennis at West Chester University. This was the only university that offered such an opportunity.


West Chester University's most unique quality is how welcoming it is. There is a place for everyone here. With the extensive amount of clubs and groups, everyone can find people that they relate to. It's the perfect size for someone that is looking to not feel lost in the crowd, yet still wants enough people to offer a variety. Overall I have thouroughly enjoyed my experience at West Chester so far, and I believe other students would feel the same.


West Chester University is unique in many ways, but in particular I was drawn to the student body energy. The energy of my fellow students in my degree program was tremendous. We fed off one another, shared our passions, and were driven to do so through varied internship experiences. I finished my undergraduate degree having gained beneficial experience through developing positive relationships with students and faculty.


What drew me to WCU was the campus radio station. Working on the radio was something I was always interested in and although when I started no one really knew it existed, I got to watch it grow into the biggest organization on campus and I got to be part of that experience.


My school is unique in that the student population is extremely proud to be West Chester University students. I have given a couple of tours to friends and family members while I have been attending West Chester and the first thing they always remark is how satisfied and happy the students look around campus. From volunteer organizations to Greek like, there is a wide range of extracurricular activities that students can participate in to fulfill their college expectations.


It is extremely accepting of everyone. This is a wide range of majors and friends are not only made in your major. There are multiple opportunities for students to make friends outside of their major.


I think the campus is really unique it's a beautiful campus. There is a mix of new buildings and very old historical buildings all throughout campus. The beauty of the school is what won me over because its so well landscaped and I enjoy walking around because of the naturistic setting.


West Chester is a place where people can choose the people they want to be in life. Sometimes outside pressures may chance you due to the social setting but you have to know who you are in order to not get caught up in the tussle. I think the environment is great but sometimes it can be judgmental and unfair but such as life you have to learn to move and an roll with those punches to succeed.


West Chester University , although small, is a very intimate and family-like school that is a home away from home.


I think that West Chester University is very unique. I feel that there is a very diverse student body here at West Chester University. I also think that the surrounding town of West Chester is very unique. There are also many different majors here at the university.


Even though it is a state school (the other schools I applied to were private schools) it is just the right size so I never feel overwhelmed or 'just a number.' The activities I got involved in would have been so different had I gone to another school. This was the perfect environment for me.


It is in the city of West Chester which adds to the social life that anyone can experience any day of the week by walking a few blocks into the town and having a great time. Also it is close enough to Philadelphia and or Exton for shopping purposes. Also the fact that the dorms are a lot bigger in the new buildings than any other university was a huge plus. Even having the major that I wanted and it being a prestigious college helped a lot.


I am a transfer student and I love West Chester, because it is a good size campus: not too big nor is it too small. There is also a good mix of different races/ethnicities and for the most part everyone is very friendly. The staff is very friendly and helpful and if you choose to participate there is not only a lot to do, but we are encouraged to do so to give our input on what works for the university and the students in it.


surprising, west chester has a good art program, although they do not have a fashion or design course, the courses and majors a very good.


it is surronded by a unique community


IT is a great medium in size and has a great small town feel but is right outside of philly


West Chester has a small campus feel with large campus resources and opportunities.


West Chester was founded as a teaching college, unlike most other schools that simply offer teaching degrees in addition to everything else. The education programs on campus are still strong to this day.


What is most unique about my school is that the all of the kids enrolled in my major are like a family. We share all of the same classes, do most of our extra-curricular activities together and spend time together outside of school. We all come from different places but none of that seem to matter. When we go home on our time off from school, it feels as if we are leaving our family instead of going back to our families.


West Chester is a PASSHE school, which means it is in a network with 13 other Pennsylvania schools which allows for better sharing of library materials.


There are so many organizations on campus that relate to students individual personalities and intrests. West Chester is also very involved with the community it is in, as in the town surrounding the University. Out of all of the classes I have taken, I only disliked one porfessor, all of my other professors were not only great teachers, but are people I feel as though I could stop by their office and say HI! even when i am no longer taking their course.




It is a mixture of city and country adn has a fair amount of things going on, on campus and around.


It is neither small nor large. The area is beautiful in Chester County. I have found much support in the staff, professors and other students .


The borough of West Chester is only blocks away from the University so there is always a lot to do. Most students go to the bars but there are also quaint coffee shops, affordable resteraunts and music venues within walking distance. West Chester is considered a "college town" because there are so many students living there.


What's unique about my school is the diverse student community and the willingness of the students to be helpful, friendly and considerate. The medium enrollment allows for a diverse school environment as well as maintaining small, focused classes.