West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The beautiful campus, academics and life and the food trucks. :-)


I brag about my amazing coach on the women's wrestling club team, and the rec center. I also really love my professors and the classes are really easy for me.


I tell my friends that the professors seem to care about their students and the education I am getting is well worth the tuition.


I tell my friends of how quaint West Chester is. It's a university that resides in a beautiful town with cobblestone streets and a short walk away from the main town of West Chester. Since I'm from Maryland I like to tell them that West Chester is my Annapolis. It's a beautiful town with old architecture and amazing ma & pop shops. I'm also a fan of how the university integrates group work into every class. It makes meeting new individuals as a freshman quite painless.


The organizations that were on campus. There was organizations for just about everything you can think of. By them having so many organization it made it easier to firstly find friend with the same interests as you and secondly branch out to try something new. I loved being involved in different organizations and unified with people of newly found interest.


the great music program


The food


Along with the superior academics and excellent overall value of the institution, I find myself "bragging" to other friends about the wonderful involvement opportunities present on campus. A medium sized institution, West Chester truly has a club or organization for every student. While the student must make the effort to discover the organization on their own, the oppotunity to become a part of the campus is available.


I tell them that tuition is decent and that my professors are really nice and willing to help.


When my friends ask about my college life, I enjoy bragging about the classes here at West Chester University The school provides its students with a great learning enviroment, with a small student to teacher ratio. I know I am actually learning things! At this college, the professors care about your future. They care about the things you are learning and how they will affect you in the future. The classes are focused around your major, producing great results. I could not be happier about the classes and quality of education I am getting here at West Chester University.


WCU offers a great teaching program with various workshops, part time job offers, and meetings to help Education majors succeed. Also I must brag that I am fortunate enough to have an AMAZING advisor, Dr. Wandry.


It's beautiful year-round, and you get a taste of city-living, yet are surrounded by trees and plants on campus. Parking may be difficult on some days, but the commrodity and the beauty of the buildings themselves make up for it. Also, there's multiple "haunted" buildings, AND we have a Starbucks built-in to the library, and within walking distance of pretty much every building.


Things that i brag about most when i tell my friends about my school is that the school is very safe and they are very protective of the dorms and the students who live in them. Eacj student has an advisor who helps out alot with schueduling classes. They have a mentoring program with mentors who mentors other students and helps them make the right decisions.


We have a fantastic Marching Band that gives those of us involved to have some amazing experiences. The interactions with the football team are so much better than those in high school. Joining our honors college was one of the best choices I ever made. They get us out of general education classes, provide a unique housing/living environment and open up more opportunities than your average student might have.


That I know a lot of people and its very close to home.


It offers great Education and Music programs, and it is relatively inexpensive.


Freshman year, I always used to talk about the parties. Currently, since im in mutliple on campus organizations, I discuss upcoming events. I talk about the variety of activities, socials, guest speakers, or any educational or career focused meetings we are planning.


It is the best. I would not chose another school hands down. The people are fun, non judgemental and always up to have fun. There are plenty of people around to hang out with different crowds every night. The library is always packed as well making sure academics are sti the main priority.


I always brag about my group of friends. We're very social and there's always something to do when you're bored. These are friends I will have for the rest of my life.


I like to tell my friends that West Chester is a great place for a social network and an even better place to get the proper education. I encourage them to attend due to the highly warm atmosphere the campus has to offer. I also tell them how friendly the professors and staff are. The last thing i tel them about is how you get a touch of the city and country in the same place.


I brag about how West Chester feels like my home. It is embedded in the heart of West Chester city; everything one needs is all around! There is so much to do, with the town just up the street and blocks and blocks of housing to socialize. Malls are within driving distance. Above all, I love the students, everyone is so nice and willing to make new friends everyday. I feel like I am apart of a huge family and I want everyone who can to join!


I tell them how there is a very high employment rate for education majors to get a teaching job.


Since I give tours as a University Ambassador to prospective students, I know all of the different activities offered on West Chester's campus. I really emphasize how thorough the professors are in their lectures. I also love that my college is so easily accessable. West Chester provides opportunities to meet diverse people. In addition to all of the previous perks to this school, the biggest thing I brag about is how this university provides opportunities for scholarships.


It's close to home and my friends' schools.


I tend to tell people about the surrounding town that West Chester has to offer. There is a great town where you can go and hang out and get to know people. The town offers a lot of shops and food places. Also, there is a great night life. I think that it is a great place to live off campus and really get the feeling of independence from living away from home.


I love the music program that is available to the students! You go in as an amateur musician, and you can come out and become a musician versed in all sides of music. It is truly an enriching experience!


everyone is friends with everyone


I have had some amazing professors at West Chester University. I find myself bragging mostly about the new ideas I have been presented with through my professors. Many of my professors have helped open my eyes to new ways of thought and have taught me a great deal about not just the subject at hand, but about the world and how knowledge is incorporated in this world.


I don't really brag about WCU except that I'm happy there. And it's easy to fit in.


The whole social aspect of being in college and living on campus. I brag about my friends, the organizations , and the comfort level of living on campus. It was a new experience for me and I'll never regret coming to West Chester University.