West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Pain in the ass to find parking


Lack of involvement between professionals in the field and career development.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the amount of Greek life. While there is nothing wrong with Greek life, more than 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of campus is apart of Greek life, making it hard for those that are not in Greek life to socialize. I found that most students that come to my university choose to go out for Greek life because it seems like everyone on campus is in it.


The wifi service is terrible, and I usually end up using my data which is really unfair considering how much I pay to live here. The wifi should be better equipped to service all the students, since we all do pay a good amount to be here.


This will be my first year at WCU so I cannot answer that. I can answer for the two years I spent at Montgomery County Community College. The worst thing about that school was the atmosphere. The typical community college student is a C- student who could care less about their goals, aspirations and their commuity. It was an unbearable two years at the school. Thankfully, I am going to a 4 year school and am living on campus! Cannot wait til next month!


The worst thing about West Chester University of Pennsylvania is not the amount of students, but rather the amount of students that do not care. For the past four years I have worked my hardest through all of my classes to do well. There is a large amount of students that slack off or intentionally allow themselves to fail with confidence that they may retake the class for a better grade. Many of my fellow students have disappointed me in their ability to understand the requirements of a course that result in a passing grade.


There are two things I think WCU really needs to work on. These are affordable housing availability and parking. Students have a great deal of unnecessary stress when it comes to finding a place to live and/or park. I feel like there is not a common ground between affiliated and traditional housing. Also, finding a place to park on campus is close to impossible. And I've found that if you do find a spot, you most likely receive a $20 parking ticket, and these tickets add up quickly.


I am afraid of girls


Sometimes the faculty seems disinterested in students and the advising is difficult


I believe that the parking situation at West Chester University is the worst aspect about the university. The reason being that the parking lot signs are quite confusing. An individual residing on North Campus with a "N" parking pass would assume they park where "N" permits are admitted. The individual will then park in a parking lot with a sign that says "N parking permit", and then they'll receive a $20 parking ticket. Then you find the employee that ticketed your car to find out that there is only ONE parking spot for "N" parking permits in that lot.


The worst thing about West Chester University of Pa is the fact that it was a rather large campus. Due to it's large size and continued growth, some classes during my pre-requisite studies, were ineffective. I felt as though I wasn't fully engaged in certain classes due to the large size.


It is severely overpopulated. This overpopulation results in limited class offerings because there are not enough professors for the students that are enrolled and the classes that are needed to accomodate the students. There is not enough housing for the students that attend either. Which is evident in the fact that they will only guarauntee housing to freshman students and after freshman year, you are no longer guaraunteed housing and you must fight to get a place to live on or off campus. And there is not nearly enough parking to accomodate the traffic that the university draws.


West Chester University is very centered on involvement so if a student who is not willing to jump in and get involved attends WCU they might have a hard time adjusting. I was very involved and made a lot of friends but my entire college experience was based off of my on-campus involvement and would not have been as fruitful without it.


I consider the size of the classes the worst thing about WCU because it is hard to recieve one on one attention with the professors without going to their office hours and their office hours are very limited.


Oddly enough, there really isn't anything yet that I do not like about my school.


The administration: bursar/financial aid office


I consider parking on campus to be the worst part. It is always hard to find a parking spot, unless you have a really early class.


I did not like how the social aspect of the college was based mostly around fraternities and sororities. They were not my thing.


The worst thing about West Chester University is the parking. I am a commuter student and, I often have to arrive at the campus a half an hour to an hour before my first class to be able to find a parking spot. I do not believe that there are enough parking lots available for the students, staff, and faculty. However, the parking permit is inexpensive.


The food was terrible when I attended WCU. Also, the condition of the dorms were terrible as well. Although, my senior year they began reconstruction of all new dorms, which I have heard are WONDERFUL. I wish I could have been there to live in them.


The only thing I have against WCU is the food services. I love it here and wish I could never leave, WCU is there perfect place for me. From the classes to the environment everything is almost too good to be true. However, there are some people in the dinning service that I can't stand. The food is o.k. but the services aren't that great and the food is way overprices.


West Chester is like the thirteenth grade. It is not like a real university where you have to do real schoolwork or work hard.


Something that i consider to be the worst thing about West Chester University is the number of students in the classes. You dont get as much one on one time with your professor as you would like because of the number of other students in the class who also need as much help as you do.


I love West Chester University. However, if I were to find a flaw in the school, I would say that the academic buildings are a bit outdated. The science buildings are more modern, but some of the halls, such as Main Hall, are very old. I also do not like the tall building in the middle of the campus that seems to resemble a power plant.


The worst thing about West Chester University is how many opportunities there are to hang out with friends and party. I think that West Chester is a great school and you can learn so much from your classes, yet the temptation to procrastinate and go out with friends in very prevalent. The best skill I received from college is time management. You need to prioritize your work and get it done, before going out Friday night.


The financial aide office is not as helpful and there is not alot of diveristy.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of everything on campus. Food is way to expensive, as well as clothing and school books. This is not good for full time college students because the majority of full time students (especially undergrad) do not work.


The worst thing about West Chester is how there seems to always be parties going on, and many students attend these parties, and if you don't party sometimes it's hard to fit in and make friends. As long as you get involved with activities, the gym or clubs students shouldn't get pulled into this deviant behavior. I mean, afterall, partying does occur on every college campus, but staying away from those activities are best. Choose your friends wisely and make friends right away, or you may feel lonely and the urge to leave.


In all honestly I believe the worst part about West Chester University is the food. Not to say that they do not have a lot of options to choose from, or that the food is not fresh because it is. I have come to learn that I am a very picky eater. I am used to homemade food, dinner tasting or smelling a certain way, being cooked at a specific temperature or with my mom?s special ingredient. What can I expect though, it is college food and it?s not horrible so I cannot complain too much.


Frequently, the school appears to not care about commuter students. When weather gets bad, classes are still on, even if the roads would be difficult to drive on. Parking is difficult and many activities are scheduled later at night, when commuters are already home.


The worst thing about my school is the trouble that students have with professors that do not speak fluent English. There is a large variety of diversity in the Professors alone, and this tends to cause issues when students take their classes and cannot understand anything that they are saying. It's exceptionally difficult to learn material while wasting your time in class trying to simply figure out what the professor is talking about. Most students at WCU are English - speakers and this has caused me issues more so within the math department.


The worst thing about West Chester is how some of the students do not care about their academics and are only there to drink and party.


Because of my Major being Music Education, the worst part is the number of classes I take, and having a lot of those classes be only half or one credit. It means that while most students take 4-6 classes a semester, I end up taking 10-16 classes a semester, with usually more work that has to get done. I wish our courses counted for more and showed how much work gets put into them, rather than saying that this course must be really easy and take no effort at all, simply because its less credits.


I really dislike the meal plan. I'm a very picky eater and there aren't many choices for me. The food is not the best and sometimes makes me sick!


The overall atmosphere is sometimes bleak. There isn't much spirit.


I have not found anything but parking to be a problem.


In honesty, the financial aid department. They are continually messing things up and it gets extremely frustrating. They drop you from your classes without notice and when it is their mistake, they don't even try to help you fix it.


Lack of diversity and understanding for diversity. Becoming better at this school, but still needs improvements.


Underfunded. Not enough advisors, teachers, secretaries. Advisors and professors are usually overwhelmed.


South campus is so far away from the rest of the campus!


The distance ihave to trave from my home to get here