West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who should not attend school are those who do not wish or want to go to college but only attend because their family wished them to go. College isn't for everybody.


A person that cannot control themselves around anyone whose life revolves around partying and always having a good time. Also a person that is always looking to be accepted by others and take the role as a follower rather than a leader.


Anyone intent on attending a party school should not attend West Chester University. The university is focused on pushing their students to become better, more prepared versions of themselves, and anyone not willing to advance would be a poor fit. Also, those not open to campus and community involvement would have great trouble, for many classes require volunteer hours.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who does not have respect for themselves or for other people. The other students do not put up with someone who is disrepectful to another student, professor, or administrator. Disrepectful people can disrupt a quite and peaceful environment.


Someone who doesn't take education and community seriously should not attend West Chester university. If you are someone who wants to be invested in their community and also is hard working West Chester is the perfect school for you. By coming here one has all of the resources they need to do well.


West Chester University is a pretty liberal school. If you are very conservative and have specific beliefs that you hold very dearly, this may not be the school for you.


The kind of person that should not attend this school would be a person who enjoys parties more than studying, uses illegal drugs, a person who is not serious about their education, and a person who will not be able to attend their class regulary. In most classes at West Chester, the rules are that a person is not permitted to miss more than two days unless of an emergency. If the person misses more than two days, then they automatically fail the course. It is important to be alert and present.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who first off doesn't want a big campus with alot of people. Second someone who gets distracted easily and can't balance school work and social life correctly because theres always stuff going on and you can get distracted from you studies really easily. But the school is good for everyone. Its very welcoming and accepting of everyone.


Anyone can.


There are a few different types of people that shouldn't attend this school. West Chester University is a school that expresses great interest in ethnic/racial diversity. Therefore a person that is not comfortable being around many different types of people should not attend this University. West Chester University also has fairly high standards for education. People that are not motivated and dedicated to getting a strong education should not attend this school. West Chester is a great school that is open to many different people and offers various opportunities. This school has something to offer for everyone.


A person who is unmotivated and has no school spirit or no willingness to accept their fellow student's diverse beliefs and values would not do well at West Chester University.


People who are not outgoing, sociable and willing to expand their horizons and meet other people would most likely not fit into this community. This school is high ranked in athletics and the majority of people are involved in sports, clubs and working out in our gyms. We are also a determined group of young people who share the interest of making a better life, and completing our education.


I would say a person who is not mentally mature and ready to attend college. With that being said, that still is not a good enough reason for one to not attend this school. I would say this school is good for everyone and it prepares students for a future career in their learned professions and to to prepare students to learn on their own.


If a person likes living in big populated areas, I would not suggest West Chester.


The type of person that I believe should not attend West Chester University is someone who is looking for an easy A. All of the professors that I have had so far require you to put in atleast two hours of study/work each night. The professors are so knowledgeable about their courses and they believe that you should strive to learn as well.


I believe that there is something here for everyone, the only type of person I suggest not attend this school are people who have no interest in furthering their education and are only coming to fulfill their parents dreams or thinks that college is the only option.


Someone who is not socialable and is not willing to make new friends should not attend this school.


West Chester University is open to anyone, yet I believe that no matter what school if you don't want to take your education seriously you should not waste anyones time or your own, or the money. West Chester takes Education seriously and will be willing to help any student who wants to do the same.


If a student wishes to attend West Chester University, as with any college, they should be fully motivated to succeed in all that they do. Someone who does not feel the need to put forth extra effort should not attend my school. Also, someone who feels more comfortable in a small, rural setting should not attend my school. With over 14,000 West Chester University is a highly competitive system of higher education. Students need to speak up and be independant in order to succeed at my school.


I think that every student should be given the chance to attend college. I do not feel as thought there should be a certain "type" of person stigma placed on furthering your education. The only reason a person should not attend West Chester University is if their major is not offered here.


Some one who is only looking to party. You will fail out and never succeed, just too close to the city.


The person that isn't planning on succeding shouldn't attend this school.


Anyone who is looking for a less intimite atmosphere.


Some one who will be ok with a fairly large student body, who can make friends on their own, and not need to cling to people. I have a large number of friends in all majors, and within multiple activities that I persue. Without being self-sufficient, sometimes students get lost at West Chester, and end up transferring.


Someone looking for a city experience.


Someone who's not open to diversity.


If you are not outgoing and do not make friends easily, it will be very hard for you here. If you are transferring, it will be even tougher. People are not very friendly to newcomers and it is the hardest on transfers.


Someone who is an introvert. College is all about meeting new people and experiencing new things.... And this college is no different.




I think that anyone who wanted to should attend this school. You can't restrict anyone or tell certain people that they shouldn't attend. College is a place to learn about yourself and watch your dreams come true.


It is important to be outgoing when going to a college or university. I think that all people could attend this school and find out for themselves if it is their scene or not. It is a place where you have to be outgoing because class size is small. It is usually around 25-30 people to a class. I think that this is great because the teacher can focus more on you.


People who are lazy and get in trouble a lot. Public safety is very good at catching students on campus with drugs and alcohol. Also, people who don't like large schools.


West Chester University of Pennsylvania is a state school where many students come from the tri-state area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Because many local students decide to attend West Chester University, it is not uncommon to see fellow class members who attended the same high school. If someone is interested in going away to a college where they will be separate from high school peers, than I would not recommend West Chester University to these students.


Anyone that like very small colleges shouldnt attend.


Someone who is looking for a big campus environment as well as anyone who isn't really into social networking themselves and making new friends.


Someone who wants alot of school spirt in football, it's more about greek life here then the sports.


People who like a big campus with an urban environment should not attend this university. Also, people who are easily distracted by social events such as parties should attend a different university or live as far from campus as possible.


there is such a wide variety of types of ppl that attend this school. i guess if you're not a big partier. that's mainly what ppl do for fun, but there are a lot of other things to do for those who are not ppl going into engineering probably shouldn't go. we have an ok program, nor computer techies. i've been to other campuses where those types of ppl fit better. probably artsy ppl. we have em here, but not a lot.


Personally, I think anyone with any type of personality can attend this university. West Chester University, to me, has something for any type of person despite their race, sex, or gender. The people are very friendly and understanding, especially the students and the staff. Whether you're an introvert, extrovert , athletic, poetic, or artistic your stay here at West Chester University should be very comfortable and welcoming. This school values its diverseness.