West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the lack of parking. I have now reached the classes that are not in as much of a demand as other classes, so they are only offered at one time during the semester. This can mean a night class. Since I live off campus, I find it safer to drive to class than walk late at night alone. However, this is sometimes an issue since I can never find parking. This may be a small issue, but when it comes to safty, it becomes a huge issue.


The most frustrating thing would be driving around the campus, there are alot fo people walking around so sometimes it is hard to manuver through campus.


I think that the most frustrating thing about West Chester University is that there are not many food options on campus. The dining hall, market, and food court usually are packed with students and the wait in line is always long. The diner runs out of a lot of food by night. We need to add more restaurants that stay open late at WCU. I also believe that we need more parking lots on campus. Move in and move out day are packed and crowded because there is only one main parking lot for the dorms.


The most frustrating part about West Chester University is, to be perfectly honest, the construction that is presently taking place. It sounds trivial but the students that live close to the action and I myself having to deal with it walking to town or classes must agree. It's loud and disruptive especially to those who live in halls next to it, but we are all aware it could be a lot worse and that it is for the improvement of the university.


The most frustrating this about my school is the lack of diversity. It is not just race/ethnicity, but lack of experience and knowledge of other cultures and lifestyles. Many of the students that attend this school are from around the surrounding area, which makes it a little hard to become friends with people when I'm from five hours away. Most of the students here are friends that they went to high school with.


It is severely overpopulated. This overpopulation results in limited class offerings because there are not enough professors for the students that are enrolled and the classes that are needed to accomodate the students. There is not enough housing for the students that attend either. Which is evident in the fact that they will only guarauntee housing to freshman students and after freshman year, you are no longer guaraunteed housing and you must fight to get a place to live on or off campus. And there is not nearly enough parking to accomodate the traffic that the university draws.


The most frustrating thing about West Chester University is the divide between minority Greek organizations and the Inter-Greek and Pan-Hellenic Greek council (which are majority Caucasian students). I think that the volunteerism provided by Greek organizations as well as the events that they put together in general would have been so much more productive if they would work together rather than support the separation that was established hundreds of years ago when these organizations were established.


The most frustrating thing about WCU is either how crowded Lawrence Dining Hall gets or how large most of the classes are.


The most frustrating thing about West Chester University of Pennsylvania are the large amount of students that commute to the school from local towns and nearby counties. When there are a large amount of commuters, it is harder to create a community environment and connect with those students inside and outside of the classroom. Since it is harder to establish relationships with commuter students, as a full-time on campus resident at the University I find it more difficult to take pride in the University since so many others are not involved in campus life.


There is nothing frustrating about West Chester


One of the frustrating things I have noticed is sometimes there is scheduling conflict for class enrollment and registration.


The gym is the most frustrating thing about my school. The gym is so small but is packed with a lot of equipment therefore everything and everyone is scrunched together and there really is no room for personal space. Also when the machines are not working it takes weeks for them to be fixed and since there already are few cardio machines it is frustrating to sign up for the hour that you want and then have a broken machine. Overall it's a space issue because there is just not enough space for the equipment.


West Chester University is a medium size state school that is split into a North and South Campus, but is also located next to a small town. This gives the students the opportunity to go where they want and do the activities or hobbies that they enjoy. On the Upper Campus there is mostly classrooms and educational bulidings and on the Lower Campus there are the sports fields and health/science buildings. As for the town, it is an adorable little place where students can go to get away from the college life and just relax.


The most frustrating thing about West Chester University is that there is limited space to park on campus. I am a freshman commuter this year and there is only one place that I am allowed to park and that is over a mile away. I must take the bus to north campus everyday in order to get to class. The buses are never on time so you must be at the bus stop atleast 30 minutes prior inorder to keep from being late to class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is making new friends since i am a transfer student. I also find it frustrating when i can't locate buildings on campus that are of importance to me because i am not very familiar with the layout of my new school yet.


The Most fustrating things about my school is sometimes as a freshman they expect you to know certain things that you have never had to encounter before like loans and classes and things like that.


I wish tuition costs were not as high as they are. In my opinion, being an out-of-state student for the time being, there is too low a ratio of available financial aid to college costs. I do love my school and I wouldn't trade it for another, but it would be a much more pleasant experience if I didn't have to worry so much about paying for school.


There is some construction right now which is annoying. I also dont really like the fact that alot of people come from the same area.


During 24 hour quiet in the dorms to study for finals, kids outside were blaring music and sunbathing, and there was NOTHING anyone would do about it. I was told to take my computer elsewhere. Too bad it's a desktop!


The financial aid office is not very helpful. Also, to a lot of students this is a party school. It is what you make of it. There are a lot of great teachers and wonderful students, but its up to you to want to succeed as a student - you can slide by if you don't put in the effort.


I don't get the financial aid I think my family deserves. My family is putting three people through school and yet I have recieved no scholarships frpm West Chester University.


The most frustating thing about my school is that certain classes for my major is only offered in the spring or fall and in order to get into those classes I have to take prerequistes that are sometimes full.


I can't think of anything.


The most frusterating thing about West Chester is that not many students stick around on the weekends. The campus is often like a ghost town, unless there is a school event, like Homecoming.


Unhelpful faculty (esp. Financial Aid), limited parking, social-party atmosphere limits ability to fully focus on learning, individuality is looked down upon: assimilation = graduation.


The most frustrating thing about school is sometimes the workload. I am a double major, so I am aware that I will have more work than the others but in order to be certified in just one degree, some of the degrees require more work than others.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of world knowledge that I find in many of my peers. In the classroom there have been many instances in which the majority of the students have no knowledge of wordly events such as politics, the environment, even the upcoming presidential election. This often creates limited discussion and deliberation of such topics which are important in our society today. As it has been said many times before, "We are the future" and I think it is important for students to be aware of their role in the future.