West Chester University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i did have more time to apply for more scholarships .


I wish I would have known more about all the extracurricular opportunites that are offered and available to students.


It was not as fun as it seemed. The university painted of picture of how diverse the school was and different social school events that not all universities participate in but when you got pass your third week of school everything was different. You saw that the majority of the school was caucasian with very little diversity ethnicity wise, the fun-filled events that they described did not happen as often as you believed they would, and very unsatisfying when it comes to social life because there was not much to do.


I wish I knew how difficult it would be to recieve financial aid. I am required to take summer courses in order to graduate on time, therefore making it very difficult to be financially stable.


I wish I had been more open to the opportunities in the surrounding community and the activies West Chester University has to offer. West Chester borough offers a wide array of interesting social acitivies from the Restaurant Fair, to local art shows, to the historical society, to the annual parades, to The Note, where you can hear the latest bands! At the same the campus community offers a diverse range of clubs and activities where students with shared interests can come together to make new and lasting friendships.


I wish that West Chester would have made a bigger deal out of their sports and ativities. Even though West Chester is a state school its sporting events are still a big deal and have a lot of supporters! But another thing that West Chester should make a bigger fuss over is it nursin program, even though it is known more commonly for its teaching program it still has an extremely competitive nursing program. These are just a few of the thngs that I have liked to know before I came but they were a great surprise!


I wish I would have know how to study and how to adapt to new environments.


College is a big transition after graduating from high school. Before I came to West Chester, I wish I would have known how challenging the courses in college are compared to high school classes. The biggest adaptation that freshman college students go through is the professors and how they teach. Every professor is different which makes students have to adapt to that professor. One good thing about college is students get a syllabus in their classes which provides an overview of the course description. This was useful for me, unless your professor doesn't follow it.


How much fun it would be to live in the dorms lol.


I wish I had known that the workload would be managable. I've heard horror stories about constantly staying up all night, never being able to hang out with friends, and so on, but even though the work here is challenging it's not too much. I was also worried that the teachers would be distant and unapproachable, but it's not like that at all! I even count some of my teachers among my friends.


that there were so many kids from my highschool that i didnt get along with that go here.


gross cafeteria food


That it isn't that great of a school and I could be somewhere better.


I wish i knew that the school would be constructing new dorms that take up a lot of free space. i also wish I knew that the students were not allowed to play on the campus soccer fields.


School is serious! What you do today will effect you in the future.


Before I came to college, I wish I was aware of the importance of study habits. In high school, I could easily breeze through reviewing my notes before taking a test, and I would perform well. In college, however, I did not realize the importance of long-term study habits, reviewing notes, and spending time in the library. It was not until my junior year that I established these guidelines for myself, which my grades definitely show. If I could go back to my freshman year, I would automatically start spending more time in the library learning how to study.


All the majors they had so I knew what my options were career wise and how much running around I would have to do to graduate. Also. all of the activities that were on campus and the academic programs supplied to get ahead. When I transferred here I didn't have much help and didn't know about all of the programs here to aid me in my academics