West Los Angeles College Top Questions

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West Los Angeles College is a good school to attend, but like any other school, having the ability to stay focused is very important. The professors try their best to help students but it is vital that one uses all the resources they have to offer. The library of West Los Angeles College is the reason I chose to attend. The tutoring center in the library offers 24 hour online tutoring to students, which is extremely useful. Other schools I considered were similar but none of them offered tutoring to that extent.


West Los Angeles College in Culver City, California is uniquely situated in a park-like hillside setting that over looks the Marina and the Pacific Ocean. Everyone can benefit from a diverse student community of all ethnic backgrounds embracing the opportunity to learn about one another, as they learn success for themselves in a high quality education system.


The staff, they are very helpful and pleasent. The classes they offer for me to transfer are available. The school is clean and the moral is good.