West Los Angeles College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To high school Imani, I’d say, manage your time wisely. The thought of having an unlimited amount of time for everything is where she went wrong. The sweet art of procrastination had been practiced all through out high school. She thought it was best to "play hard work later" which in itself was one of the worst habits. To her I’d say "work hard play later", that way staying up late at night stressing over homework assignments due the next day would be avoided. You see just completing assignments when they are first assigned gives the student appropriate time to think, causing less stress. Had she been more prompt about completing assignments the transition from high school to college wouldn't have been as difficult. Time management plays a significant role in college. Two weeks to complete a 5 page high school essay turned into two weeks to complete a 15 page essay in college. Had she learned how to allot time for such assignments prior to college this adjustment wouldn’t have been such a surprise. Since I didn't, it made transitioning harder than it had to be. I'd tell myself, manage your time wisely.


"What would life be without arithmetic, but a scene of horrors?" -- Sydney Smith, 1835 Take every effort to master higher math and science in high school. Your success in college becomes less stressful with the stamina learned from the heavy lifting of higher math skills. Adults today play a critically important role in creating the world in which children will mature, learn and eventually inherit. Without higher mathematics there will be less good parenting, less effective community life and less of the manpower needed in the workforce to rebuild our economy in the foreseeable future. Therefore, you may be able live without higher math, but you will not value as much of what is going on around you and you will make many mistakes and may even find yourself at times without control of your life, while others who have this knowledge try to take advantage of you. Arm yourself with mathmatical confidence and trust in your learning experience so you can be distinct from others.


If I could become a high school senior again, I would definitely take senior year more seriously. I would tell myself that hanging with your friends after high school really puts you a step backin life. Telling myself that this is the time when i should focus on myself and make plans for college careers and goals. I would want to take advantage of any opportunities to get into a good college and all the scholarships that i can qualify for. The most important advice I would give myself, is to never under estimate myself as a person. I could do whatever I and succeed at anything i put my mind to.


If I could go back and talk to myself I tell myself to start searching for scholarships as a freshman because paying for school is hard. I would tell myself to take track and field seriously, so I could get a scholarship because I'm actually good at running. I would say hold off on working and run, not to trade in doing a sport and being in clubs for a job. If I coud go back I would tell myself to live, not to be so shy. To get good grades so I could qualify for all the scholarships out there and not have to pass up the ones that say 3.0 gpa only. I would tell myself the transition isn't hard at all rather smooth actually, and not to worry. I would tell myself to prepare now for college and transferring so when the time comes it'll be a breeze.


The advice I would give myself would be to stay positive and focus because it will pay off. Get good grades so you can get an academic scholarship and life would be easier for you to go to school full-time and not worry about paying for school because when push comes to shove you will need to pause school to pay bills and your degree will take long than you will anticipate. Don't let anything get in the way of your education for example friends and boyfriends they will be there for you if they really care for you.


I truly wish that I had the opportunity to impart some wisdom on my high school senior self. I would tell myself that you have to STUDY!!! In high school, my study habits were horrible but I still had excellent grades because I always aced my tests. I would tell myself to live by the following motto; "You can either work hard for four years and play for the rest of your life, or you can play for four years and work hard for the rest of your life". Time management was difficult for me my freshman year of college, but I have mastered that tool after serving five years in the military. I would express the importance of making a schedule and sticking to it. Probably one of the most important things I would tell myself to help with the transition of college life would be to stay away from credit cards. Keep your credit clean and it will be easier to rent an apartment and buy that much needed automobile. Finally, I would tell myself to have fun and cherish the memories because your years in college will be the best years of your life.


If I could go back I would tell myself not to settle for second best, to give 150 percent. I would tell myself to try harder and enroll in more activities, honors, and clubs. I would also say not to plan to go to a school for someone else, to just go somewhere for you. I would kick my butt into double gear and get applying to schools alot earlier and to take the ACT more than once and to possibly get a tutor to help in my maths. I would reassure myself that it's scary but that I can get through it and have fun at the same time.


I would apply to all cal states. When I was in high school I put my self down thinking i cant get in to a cal state but since I been in college and saw the requirments I knew I could have got in. I also would pay attention more to enrolling to classes.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there would be two main things I would tell myself. The two things I would tell myself are to learn and to start using my time management skills effectively. Firstly, once you reach college, it?s important to be prepared and there?s a reason why every student goes through three stages of schooling prior to college. In life, there?s a time to learn everything and if you didn?t get fundamentals when you were supposed to, once get into college, they?ll be right there waiting for you and playing catch up on top of being a full time student can be a hassle. Secondly, a lot of being in college is about time management. When you take an exam or when you?re given an assignment to finish, you will be timed or given a deadline. In college there?s no authoritative figure over your shoulder making sure you get your tasks completed. College is about handling your own business and if you can get those aspects now, there?s no telling what you can accomplish once you reach college life.