West Los Angeles College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors that I have had in the past all have been above my expectations. All of them were patient, good at teaching, and wise.


I truly enjoy the wide variety of classes that WLAC provides. Even though I am a business major, I was still able to take theatre and cinema classes because I am interested in working in the entertainment industry.


If I could give any advice, I would tell to make sure they take all of their general class first. The reason i would tell them that because they r still young and might want to change their minds so instead of takin your classes for your major take more general classes and one of you major classes to see if you like it.


The best thing at West Los Angeles College is that it's a community in itself. I don't believe that there's one student on campus who feels uncomfortable in their enviroment. There's so much diversity that there's this openess amongst the students; it's very alive and and dominant in a sense and it makes me feel as though I'm at home and surrounded by people who are eager to learn and ready to better themselves and their future through the means of getting an education.