West Shore Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at West Shore Community College know before they start?


Honestly? It was way easier then I expected. All your high school teachers would just drill you about how hard college would be compared to high school. Myself, I think it might be based on a sort of self motivation seeings as you're the one paying for it out of your own pocket. I would most defiantly go back and tell myself to start looking at scholarships more. I mean I knew college was expensive, I just didn't realize how much!


I wish I would have told myself as a high school senior to have fun, when picking my classes. For the first two years of college I only worried about my required classes and not classes that would just enrich my life. I took so many Anatomy and Chemistry classes my head was going to explode. And the last semester of my second year in college I was burned out! So in my third year I have decided to take classes for me, not just what is required of me. Taking classes this way may slow me down by a year, but then at least not only am I getting in the classes I need to get in, but I am also taking classes that I enjoy and don't feel so stressed to do perfect in. I would tell my high school self; "If you want to take a drawing class, take a drawing class", select your classes on not only want you need but also what you want.


I would tell myself that this transition is a big step in life, and picking the right school is very important towards the future. I would also go on about how you should try to get as many scholarships as possible so that you will not have to pay back loans. I would also say that you should not waste alot of time changing majors, for that would set you back and it would take you longer to graduate. The most important thing is to always believe in yourself no matter what, and try your best to be a good student and make good grades.


I would have told myself that college really isn't as bad as high school. It's more laid back and the teachers aren't as uptight as the high school teachers were. Don't think that because you have no money that it isn't possible to go to school. There is money galore assuming you know where to look. And if you stick to applying for scholorships and grants, and do well in your classes maintaining the highest GPA you can, then it will all be worth it in the end when you recieve that diploma. That's where the money is at. Right there with the diploma


Dear Self, Please do not stress the small stuff. Everything is going to work out just fine, and there is no need to get worked up over minute issues through out the week. College is going to be great, and you will do an excellent job! When any issue arrises, however major it may seem, give yourself a little time to think it through, as it most definitly does not have to be dealt with at that second. Good Luck, enjoy the rest of your senior year, as I know you will ;)