West Shore Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How to apply for more scholarships and financial aid. Teachers tell you that the "free money" is out there, but in high school they didn't do much to help you apply. I think it would have been great for there to be a workshop at the high school dedicated to filling out scholarships.


Not much really. I really didn't know anything about this school before I came but now that I'm here I really do enjoy it. The Financial Aid Dept. is so willing to work with people to help ensure academic achievement while maintaining a workable budget for the student. The faculty in general is very cool. The classes have a sort of laid back atmosphere which helps to make learning a more fun thing to do, rather then monotonous repetition.


Before coming to West Shore Community College, I wish I would have know about all the fantastic scholarship awards that the school offers. Because I made a last minute decision to attend, I missed out on these many opportunities that WSCC supplies to further help the students of the community.