West Texas A & M University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


An oasis of unique and friendly people, there to assist and help you expand your knowledge while earning your degree.


A school that strives to help others reach their accomplishments and goals.


West Texas A&M is the perfect school for a small town home feeling but a big university experience.


Midsized university in the Texas panhandle, offering a wide range of student life and academics.


It is out in the country but it is slower paced which is nice if you want to get away from the city.


West Texas A&M University is founded on finding the true you, and reaching goals with all the help needed.


Over crowded without any parking spaces and focused on spending money to attract more students in order to make more money.


We are big enough that you meet people and still see them around when you take other class. You can build relationships here and have them for the rest of you life.




The school is small and everyone knows each other almost. You can park anywhere and not have to worry about being late to class. The surrounding atmoshpere is very nice as well. Hiking the canyon or deiving to amarillo to go shopping.


The best way I can describe my school is we have a great enviroment and a great community that supports our campus.


The school is too focused on how it looks and doesn't pay enough attention to those in financial need.