West Texas A & M University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Since WT is a smaller school, it is likely that the teachers will know your name. This is great and allows for great professional relationships and class participation.


I only remember one of my professors name. My favorite class was life wellness. My least favorite was my math class. Students studied mostly when its before a major test like mid term and finals. students participation in class is sometimes but barely. When i was there i never heard any intellectual coversations outside of class. Sometimes the students can get competitive. Honestly didnt take a unique class there. My major was psychology. No i didnt spend anytime with my professors outside of class. wt academic requirements are ok. wt education there can get you jobs only around the west texas area. Most of the graduates stay in amarillo. There eduacation is geared for getting a job and learning for your own sake.