West Texas A & M University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Football games are very popular at WT but students support all of the sports programs. Greek life is popular, but there are still large number of people who are not involved in Greek life.


The most popular teams at wt is the football team. The group i was involved in reach out to young teenage girls. It was black women association. About our dorm we didnt leave our doors open because people steal. The football stands are always packed and the basketball events. I havent seen any popular guest speakers when i was there. the dating scene is cool you can always meet someone new. I meet my closest friends in the dorms the best to meet them. If i was woke at 2am i would be eatin food and chilling with the roommates. The traditions that happens every year is the Buffalo Stampedes. That was the first time i seen real a buffalo. People party wednesday threw saturday. Greek life was ok but really didnt play a big part on campus to me. The only way to have fun at wt is to leave and go to amarillo to party because canyon is boring as hell.