West Texas A & M University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The topics i brag most to my friends about WTAMU is the classes that caught my fancy such as psychology and sociology. They have amazing professors who teach these classes. The professors aren't boring and robotic like most. They care a alot about their students. The other topic would have to be the fact that there are no groups in college like there are in high school. Students don't have to worry about "fitting in", they just need to be themselves.


If you were to ask my friends back home what I talk about most about my school they would most likely say I always talk about fun, easy, and welcoming WT is. My freshmen year I was worried I wouldn't fit in right away but after my orientaion I found a church, a few good organizations to join, and amazing friends all in the first few weeks without any hassle.


West Texas A&M is the perfect place to grow it gives you the big school environment with the small town "feel" to it. Everyone you meet is kind and so helpful. The staff especially. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you are doing ok and enjoying your time at WTAMU. We are a great school and known for the ability to produce great graduates with bright futures and who wouldnt want to be apart of that. Being a Buffalo means you are part of not just a school but a way of life. Go BUFFS!


The bond everyone has together here! I have made more friends from all different sports and even non-athletes, and we always have a good time! Another thing is the teachers are super nice and easy to work with!


I brag mostly about the brotherhood that I am able to experience everyday from my fraternity brothers. They have helped me through many things, and I cannot wait to help others as well.


I tell them that most of my teachers are doctors. The teachers here are wonderful supportive and helpful.


There are two things I generally brag about when talking about my university. The first thing is our athletic program. Our football team has won three conference championships in the last four years, and all other sports are consistently in the playoffs. The second thing I mention, is how much I learn from the classes I take. I am a Biology/Pre-Med major, and my classes are all very difficult, but I am learning more than I expected to learn.


We have a highly ranked & national competing mass comm. dept.