West Texas A & M University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Not trying hard enough.


There is not much that I do not like about my school. I would have to say my least favorite part would be the parking facilites. The university is growing and expanding so quickly that the old parking facilities are beginning to reach their maximum. However, with such an easy to get around campus, it is not too much of a hastle to park slighlty farther from your destination and make the easy and sight filled walk.


The worst thing about my college would have to be the websites students create to talk bad about other students and teachers while being anonymous. Talking fouling of others isn't the only thing they talk about; they also talk about careless things they have done such as new drugs they tried. It is also used as an advice web page if looking for a mate, or help people sell their drugs.


The availability of biology and long distance classes is horrendous.


The school is great.


The parking situation is the worst thing about my school. They are always in the process of building new dorms or education buildings, which is great, but they are taking a lot of the students parking out while they are under construction. I live on campus and a lot of the time I have to walk almost a mile from my car to the dorm when I get off work because there are no open parking spots.


The parking spaces is the downfall. There are not enough parking space for students to park and if you park anywhere else, you get a fine. How can we find a place to park without getting a ticket where there isn't enough parking space to park. And when you find a place to park, you get a ticket because this is not the right designated parking space to park. Well there isn't any other place to park and I consider this a parking harrassment! Better investment in better parking spaces instead of useless fancy flat screen TVs.


Probably the worst thing about WT would be the fact that it is located in a very small town where very few restaurants open until late. There is only one restaurant that is open until late, in fact it is open 24 hours but its lobby closes at 11pm and the drive-thru is the only service they have at night so if one doesn't have a car, one doesn't get to eat anywhere after 11pm other than at one's dorm room!


Financial Aid, a typical problem amongst other Universities. Often can enable students from attending classes or force a student to take out an emergency loan if their aid doesnt come in time.


The Caf Food. It's not up to par with much of anywhere else.


How they keep on starting one project and but get started on another before they are through.




I don't think that it is necessarliy what I consider the worst thing about my school, but generally speaking about universities. I do not like how much college students are binge drinking these days. Not only does it cause accidents, but it keeps students distracted from school work, which possibly ruins their entire future.


The lack of parking and the amount of construction that is always going on.


The dorm cleaning staff. The bathrooms and showers often needed to be cleaned and weren't always taken care of in a timely manner. Make sure you bring flip flops for the showers and be quick.