West Texas A & M University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I strongly believe that the university I attend is for all kinds of people. Here at West Texas A&M there is no limit to what is possible. It is a great place for someone to just stop by and gain a few credits or graduate and ready to succeed in life. It is very diverse in all aspects. The staff here care very much for the students and it is proven not only in the classroom but also outside of the classroom. They encourage success and are willing to go the extra mile to help any individual.


Someone who likes to be invovled and is willing to stay dedicated to their work. There are many great people who help, and will make sure you get things done right.


Students who are willing to put time and effort in and who look foward to spending time doing activities because there are tons to do on campus!


I believe a person who is different and has different views should attend this school. Also, this person should be self-motivated to go out and find resources, as well as take advantage of the opportunities offered to them. The reason for these two is that many people here on campus are different from one another but at the same time come together through common interests. The second is that there are many forms of aid but an individual has to be willing to look and ask for this aid, not just wait for it to come.


A person that wants a change of scenery and ready for a new adventure. It is a friendly campus and welcomes everyone. The school's website is easy to access. The faculty go the extra mile to help incoming students.


A person who likes smaller towns, and schools. Here, everybody knows your name and is super friendly! If you like to have a good time with your friends and you are into athletics this is a great place to be!


Anyone that is interested in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere should consider West Texas A&M. It is diverse and accepting of different backgrounds. It offers a wide variety of educational opportunities as well as an active Career Services Department to aid in finding jobs in and out of school. The academic expectations are above average and the faculty take a personal interest in their students.


I do not believe that any specific kind of person would do better at this school than any other student. The student population is so diverse that people will always find someone that they connect with, whether they play sports, are simply academically devoted, or in music and theater. All any student really has to do is want to get a higher education and be friendly and they will fit right in at West Texas A&M University.


Many different KINDS of people should attend this college. It is a great experience for all. This campus is extremely accepting to all kinds.


The people that should attend this school are those who are carefree. Peolple that are who they are and are not afraid to be just that. peolple who love to laugh and hang out with friends but also can take those friends and b uild study groups with them.


Anyone who wants to attend West Texas A&M needs to love small towns! Although only ten minutes away from Amarillo, Canyon has very limited entertainment aside from the college life atmosphere. I love it however because the small school atmosphere provides an awesome community of friends to learn and grow with.


Anyone should attend West Texas A&M. It is a diverse school that anyone can fit in, and there are a wide range of degrees to choose from here. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you are interested, you will be able to fit in at West Texas A&M.


The kind of person that should attend WTAMU is a natural born "buff." A buffalo (our school's mascot) is courageous, determined, and flexible.


The majority of people that attend this university are agricultural based or intrested individuals.


Anyone looking for a small town feel and a community who really focuses and supports its athletes.