West Texas A & M University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Nothing. I absolutely love it and all the opportunities it has to offer me.


The only thing that's frustrating about this university is one of their dorms: Buff Hall. Buff Hall is the most expensive dorm on campus because it's almost like an apartment. In the dorms itself, it has 4 rooms, 2 restrooms, 4 sinks, full sized fridge, sink, cabinets, and a study area. It's really decent, but the students who live in this particular dorm aren't really social and don't know anybody in this dorm.


The most frustrating thing about my school is when you walk by the classroom center, at any time of the day, it smells like syrup. It is the weirdest thing and I don't really understand why that its. But either way, it's a little frustrating to have a upset stomach from smelling something that strong first thing in the morning.


The most frustrating thing about my school is finding financial support through scholarships to support my education. I came from a big city and a middle-class family and did not to spectacular in high school,so it is hard to find support.


I believe the most frustrating thing at West Texas A&M would have to be the fact that so many people are ignorant as to what is happening around them. Too many students are unaware of the cultures that surround them and the constant change we are going through as a country.


Parking is the most frustrating thing about my college.


It is in a very small town, so as far as social activities off campus there is not a whole lot available.


I can't name anything that's frustrating because it's such a great school with such high standards and professors that really TRULY care about their students. It's my school, and I love it.


We need more residental parking. There is often time no place left to park at a dorm so you have to drive around and either wait for someone to leave or park in a completely out of the way place. Once you get a parking place walk as much as you can.


Almost all of the financial aid is geared toward students from the panhandle area. I went to a competitive high school and did very well, however, I am from Houston and can not seem to get financial aid. The tuition is continuously on the rise, however, the quality of education is not.


The most frustrating thing about West Texas A & M University is being so far from home. Sometimes I wish that my school, with all these amazing people, could be reight downtown in NH but that isn't the way it is.


The most frustrating things about our school right now is the construction & different class locations & time slots.