West Valley College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


School can cause frustration when trying to balance it with work. Schoolwork can be extremely time consuming and work should never get in the way, but sometimes problems in life can cause work to come first regardless of what is truly important. The key to not allowing yourself to become frustrated with school is maintaining a balance between difficulties in life and the importance of school. As long as school is viewed as the most important goal in a person's life, they will be able to complete school quicker, easier and with more determination.


Due to recent California budget cuts, I find it frustrating that my school has had to raise the prices for classes and cut down on academic classes in order to meet the recent budgets that the California government allots. If California found a way to restructure the education budget so that the money is divided evenly, then students would be able to meet their educational goals without the budget cut setbacks.