West Virginia State University Top Questions

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My school's campus isn't too big and this is good because you relate to instructers on a more personal level, giving one more opportunities on getting recomendations for scholarships and other imortant resources needed to get into other schools.


It is small in size...it has small class sizes, the professors do what they need to do to make sure that students succeed, and the people are generally nice and welcoming towards others.


It's a small campus that is very easy to get from building to building.


Small classes are wonderful!! Most of the teachers I have had really care about their students and want them to do well.


WVSU is small and everything in the buildings is right there in one spot instead of having to travel all over the city to go to class. I liked WVSU also because there was just a feeling that I would fit in and be able to pursue my career choice. The campus activities are fun and I have enjoyed being in those activities.

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