West Virginia State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to look at all of my options and not just schools around home. I would look at a diversity of schools and see beyond just the academics but the teacher support, peers, and community standing.


My advice to myself would be to not wait so long to try again like I did and its ok to have bumps in the road not everything you hope to happen will happen, but that doesn't mean you give up. Just because the circumstances have called for a detour don’t mean you should give up on your dream to go to college. Because If you really want it as bad as you say you do fight and don’t stop fighting until you get where your trying to go. The older you get trying to get into college might be easy but the actual getting there processes is overwhelming when you have to go at it alone because your no longer a teen with parents to help you like when you were in high school. Things will be expected of you from financial aid to housing its best to go at it while you’re still young because now it seems almost everything is more difficult being 23 trying to pay for school with no financial support system behind you and just worrying if your even going to make it .


If I could go back to high school I would tell myself to start at the school I am currently at and not to procrastinate. This is the biggest advice I could give to my self or anyone attending college. Do no procrastinate. College work can quickly become overwhelming. I would also adise myself to look for more scholarships earlier. I did not start the process early enough and I am literally paying the price for it now. I would definitely advice anyone going to college to begin their scholarship early and never procrastinate in college.


I would tell myself to breathe. College may sound like a scary thing because it is the next big step of your life, but you can and you will do this. When an opportunity is presented to you, take it. Enjoy the experience because this will truly be some of the best days of your life, so make them memoriable. And remember to never sell yourself short or tell yourself that you are not capable of something. It is okay to dream big, because nothing in life is unreachable.


If I had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself in high school the frist thing I would say is "Girl you better do your home work and study harder!!!!" If you want to make anything out of yourself you have to start here in high scool. Nevermind about the party the people you hang out with are planning you have a report due or and exam coming up and you had better hit the books. Practice for the SAT's and ACT's and don't just "sit in" on them. Everything that you do here is shaping what you will be doing out there and no one is going to laugh when you say "My dog ate my business proposal for the client." Your education is no joke and you need to start taking it seriously right now. Not that going into the military was a bad thing but you really do not want to be turning wrenches for the rest of your life. You have so much more potential than that. Do what you have to know so that you won't miss the opportunity when something big does come your way.


I am in the process of getting what I want out of my college experience and that is a degrree, so I can better my life and my child's life.


College for me is not only about earning a degree, rather there is also value in the social aspect, personal growth, and building lasting memories. As of today I am just beginning winter quarter of my Freshman year at Western Washington University. Here there is so much diversity and everyday I manage to meet someone new of a different cultural background. Simply hearing some of their story broadens my own view of the world whether its grasping a new understanding, or simply yearning for more knowledge. Additionally, the independence that comes with moving out and handling college affairs is so invigorating. Just knowing that I am in charge of my future, whether it be a successfull one or not, is motivation to challenge how far my own power can take me. Lastly, through a combination of meeting new people and exploring my world, I have come to experience so much. I consider everyday an adventure. When I go sit down next to a new person in class, I make an effort to get to know them. With new relationships come new perspectives on life. With that, everyday surely is a new and exciting adventure.


I have learned to appreciate the value of learning by attending college. My teachers have instilled in me a passion for learning new things and have also showed me that no matter how much you know, you will never stop learning. I have been extremely blessed to attend college because I have learned so many things about our world that I had never been aware of before. Attending college has only lit a fire in me to continue learning as much as I can and to use what I learn for the good of our communities, our nation, and our world.


Out of my short college experience that I have had I have gotten to experience what college is truly like in my own eyes. I thought college would be totally different than it actually is. I thought it would be about partying and all the stuff in the movies/shows. I now know it is just like high school just with out the drama and I can pick my own times I want to go. I love college and am glad I made the choice to go to college to better my future. I have met many new people and made many new friends while loosing contact with a few frieds in high school. In the end it will all be totally worth it. I love college.


My college experience has definately taught me the true meaning of responsibility, perserverance, and the uncertainties of real life. Throughout my High School career I didn't take anything seriously. I knew if i didnt do something fast I would not get into college. It wasn't until senior year that I got my butt into gear, and gave my GPA a complete 360 degree turn around, that got me accepted into Pennstate University. There I learned that even though High School may be over, Imaturity never outgrows immature people. College taught me to appreciate the person that I am. Im not a partier, I dont drink, and I dont smoke, and Im alright with that regardless of how lame and depressing people may think my social life is. Iam doing what Im supposed to be doing, and that's putting all of my time and energy into school. I beleive in work now to reap the benefits of having time to have fun later. Unfortuantly life is unexpected. Towards my first semester I had to withdraw from Pennstate University, due to finacial problems. I now attend a community college, but dont worry I plan to transfer back to Pennstate.


I'm still attending college and I have gotten better studying habits by attending an online school. I have also learned how to manage my time better. This has helped me immensely in my volunteer time as well as my school work. I volunteer as a Girl Scout leader and a Cub Scout leader and managing time as well as being organized is a great help.


Attending college is a privilege and honor. I enjoy triggering my mind with new subjects and ideas. In college, I am able to challenge myself not only educationally, but also emotionally and ethically. One of the most important experiences that taught me about respecting others’ opinions was in my U.S. Government class. Here, each student was to take a topic and debate one side. I am completely pro-life, but one of my classmates was not. She took a radical stand in which no matter the situation, abortion is acceptable. On the other hand, I believe that under no circumstances, the life of a human should be allowed to be taken away. Our debate took control of the class; I noticed I was not fighting her facts, instead her moral beliefs. After a heated discussion, we saw the weak points of our arguments, like assumptions and exaggerations. Realizing that instead of making valid positions on the topic, we were arguing with each other. College has allowed me to express myself entirely, and to validate others’ ideas. Not only do I take pleasure in learning, but I am also gaining experience that one day will be beneficial outside a classroom.


My college experience has provided me with great insight into issues of National Security and terrorism. At American Public University I am currently enrolled in the Intelligence Studies program focusing on terrorism studies. The study of terrorism's effects and prevention along with the psychology of the act has been extremely useful in helping me understand my role and responsibility at my job with the Department of Homeland Security. I believe that my experience has made me a more valuable component in preventing terrorism in the United States and understanding how best to utilize resources to protect the border and increase security at critical infrastructure and key resources. Obtaining this scholarship will not only allow me to complete my studies but could possibly help me save lives and prevent terrorism in the United States.


Don't be afraid, college isn't much different than high school. You still have to study and go to class and you still have to sit through long boring lectures. Study hard, and don't for a second believe that you know the material because nine times out of ten you wont. Don't cram study time into you busy life, cram your life into your study time. It is crucial that when you go home after getting out of school to re-write those notes and even if you don't read the text book word for word at least take a look at some exercises provided by the book or the instructor.Class is a time to learn and embrace in knowledge for instructors that have been there and done that. Take notes, lots of notes, and re-write them over and over. Never underestimate yourself and never give up. It's going to be hard and it's going to take effort but in the long run the reward of gaining knowledge feels so good. Don't give up and stay head strong, and don't park in the grass!! Good luck!


The advice i would give myself is think about what career field your are intrested. I would also advise myself that networking is very important because in the long run those contacts may be able to benefit you. I would also advise myself to read and study as much as possible.


you need to make sure you are aware of the responsibility you will be given. There isn't someone there to make sure your homework gets finished and handed in. If you don't show up for class, you have to make arrangements for make up that work. the professor won't just hand it to you. basically, you become an adult with much to take on. but don't think i'm trying to scare you. college is a great experience, it's just hard work. the reward though is well worth it. ust work hard, but don't forget to take time to hve fun and enjoy the ride.


Several thoughts enter the mind, while thinking of my senior year. I felt I was not ready attend college and would certainly fail most, if not all, of my classes. Two items sustained my attention during that year, that invovled college. The first, was wether I wanted to attend college and the cost college. With the diverse experience I have obatined attending West Virginia State University, I would explain to myself that college is in fact easier than high school. In high school you worry about your social status and finding a significant other. In college , the professor does not judge you as many high school teachers do. They judge fair and will not fail you; if they see you are trying your best and turn in your work on time. Also, in high school you have abundant help applying for finical aid; you have teachers that can and will help you with scholarships, essays, applications and finding the right school. After the college experience I obtained, I would be more than capable of explaining and persuading myself to attend college immediately after high school. After all, obatining a earlier start on changing the world would only render many benefits.


jus find the right place thats fits you and that makes you happy and also where you are comfortable with getting your degree


I would like to tell parents and students that when looking for the right college, consider things such as class size, curriculum, scholarships and other financial aid, and life on campus. Before choosing a college, make sure that everything is exactly what it is supposed to be...there's nothing worse than committing to a college and then seeing programs and financial aid situations fall apart. That happened to me, and I would hate for someone else to go through something like that!


I beleve it is crucial for parents and students to be aware of what each college they are considering offers. College can be more than just a classroom learning experience, but a life learning experience. Learning from others, from yourself, and from your surroundings are valuable lessons that can shape who you are as a human being. College showed me what was outside of my little box I lived in before my college experiences. I was well informed of the different things I could be involved in at my school, and it helped me to grow in to a more intelligent, optimistic, and open minded person.


The best school for you is simply that: the best for YOU. Do not make your decision based on where your friends are going. Pick a school that fits you both academically and socially. Take into account your daily life and habits. Go with your gut instinct.


I would tell them to make sure that the school is in the location they like and to be sure that the school is convient and that the buildings aren't all spaced out and hard to walk from building to building.


Find a University that reminds you of a goal you have set for yourself, setting goals and over comming issues with expense, and education made a first year college student a true adult.


Find the place which you will feel most at home with. You don't always have to go to the best school in the academics eyes, community colleges are just as good as massive universities; cheaper too. Never be afraid to be yourself!! You'll be surprised how many people are out there just waiting to have an amazing conversation with you! Lastly, don't be afraid to ask "real" questions.


My advice would be to do your research. Not just online or by taking a campus tour, but actually meet students (not the ambassadors they send out with you to give you a tour, either!) and ask them what it's like. Ask a diverse group of students. If your prospective school has an excellent English program but a terrible math one, for instance, you won't get the complete picture just by asking English majors. Also factor in location, availability of housing, and financial aid. There's nothing worse than attending a college with a good academic reputation that is located in the middle of nowhere! Sure, the classes may be great, but if you have nothing to do in your free time and nowhere to go, you'll soon regret your choice. Basically, picking a college is like picking out produce in the store. You have to pick it up and give it a squeeze first. You wouldn't take a cantelope home without giving it a thorough inspection, would you? Well, same thing goes for colleges. You have to get to know them inside and out before you can decide which one is right for you.


I would have to say that when looking for the right college, make sure that you are absolutely sure what degree you are wanting to pursue. Even if you are not sure of what degree you are wanting to pursue, look for a college that has many diverse majors that you can choose from. The campus setting is also important because if it is in a small town it is easier to be accepted into the community because you are a college student pursuing a higher education; if the college is in a large town you are more likely to be lost in the crowd of drinking and whatnot and flunking. Just make sure that you are absolutely sure that you know what you are going for and what kind of setting you are looking for. Shop around for the college you want to go to and always have several options open in case college A or B does not accept you.

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