West Virginia University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Stalnaker, Lincoln and Honors are the nicest dorms by far. Towers is a popular freshman choice and pretty good place to live. You'll meet a lot of people. Pierpont is an apartment but it is not good quality at all-my friend lived there and hated it. I suggest if you want an apartment, get an actual one. Dorms are 99% freshman. Most upperclassmen move off campus.


I lived in Towers my freshman year, it was alright. Not the greatest but it was reasonably cheap and close to the Recreation Center. You had to take the PRT or bus downtown, which was the worst part of living at Towers. Towers even has its own dining hall, which is really convienient. The downtown dorms are alright as well, but are much closer to classes and also frats and parties.


Dorms consist of almost all freshman as you are required to live in dorms your first year. "Towers" is the largest dorm as it consists of three different towers consisting of thousands of students. This dorm is located on the Evansdale campus so it is likely that most students will either have to take the bus or PRT to classes. However, this is where the majority of freshman live. Other dorms are located on the downtown campus which is closer to most classes. There are only two all female dorms as the rest are co-ed.