West Virginia University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Carefree, fun, and diverse


Very friendly, easy to meet people.


My classmates are easily separated into the "will graduate" pile and the "will not make it through freshman year" pile.


Again, with so many students you're sure to find a bunch of different types. However, most freshman tend to be kids who like to drink and/or go out. Most students are friendly people but they seem to not really want to get close unless you meet them the first few weeks of school. Then friendship groups tend to form and unless you take initiative, then you can be ostracized. My best advice would be find students you really connect with because there are others like you at the school. Really. It's only discouraging trying to find them because like I said, there are so many people here so it is hard if you don't like the people in your dorm. Personally, my freshman year, I tended to get along better with upperclassmen because they don't do stupid things as much as freshmen tend to do.


My nursing friends are very dedicated to learning the profession and the teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. The major is very difficult - almost to the pre-med level so you have to be very disciplined to do well.


My classmates give the classes and student life the right mix of fun and focused, and everyone you come accross will do anything to help make your time here enjoyable.


They have become good friends and are good people


West Virginia University classmates are diverse, outgoing, accepting and fun-loving.


At West Virginia University, my classmates are a mix of students from all different backgrounds and cultures who have decided to attend WVU for a variety of reasons.


I have seen and met many diverse people here at WVU, but not once have I felt like they were judging me. WVU has a very welcoming, friendly, accepting environment. If you're a Mountaineer fan, then you're a friend!


There is a very diverse group of students at WVU. I have noticed all different races of students interacting with each other. I don't feel as if any one race would feel left out on this campus. Most students are from out of state, with all different ranges of financial background. I think this is due to the many scholarships that are given to students in need. A major discussion among students is what they are going to do once they graduate and how much money they will make. That is a huge priority in students decisions on picking a major.


The students here are friendly, overall. Just in my group of friends, there are a wide variety of ethnicities and personality types. Most of the students I've encountered have been from West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas. However, I've also had friends from California, Texas, and London.


With WVU being a large institution, the student body is quite diverse. There are people at this University from various backgrounds, races, religions, and lifestyles. With most first year students living in dorms, it allows for students to interact with other students who they may have never thought about interacting with. Personally, I have friends from all different religions, races, and socio-economic statuses.


I am an out of state student female. I live off campus with a local in state girl and an out of state gay male. They have become two of my closest friends that I have met here. Of course we bicker at times, but they always have my back. Most of the students I met are in the medical field due to my majors, and with graduation just around the corner talks of the future are very common. Most students are preping for MCATs, PCATs or GREs, in hopes to reaching medical, pharmacy, or graduate schools.


My classmates are a varied group of people from various backround and from various countries who are often respectful, quiet, and attentive in class.


The students at WVU are very diverse. There are the typical west virginian, redneck, uneducated hillbilly, but there are a lot of very smart and educated people here. No matter what type of person you are, I can guarantee there are plenty of other people like you. That is one of the advantages of going to such as large school. There are rich people, as well poorer people.


WVU certainly has a diverse student population. About 50% of undergraduate students are from the state of West Virginia whie the rest are mainly out of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, along with other surrounding states. There is an increasing international student population but the school is mainly made up of white males and females. What students wear is another diverse aspect of the university. The greek life population does not dress like your typical fraternity stereotype. There are certainly a lot of "guido" type students as well and a lot of these students are members of greek life. However, this only takes up a small portion of the student population. If you were to see four students sitting at a table at a dining hall there is no telling what they could be wearing. There is tremendous school spirit so it is not uncommon to see students wearing WVU gear on any given day. The financial backgrounds of students is also very diverse. The out of state students are much more likely to come from a more secure financial background as it is much more expensive to attend the school compared to in-state students. West Virginia is also a very poverty rich state so in-state students may come from a less-financially secure background.


WVU tries to reach out to both the diverse and international students. They do this in the form of clubsand events held on campus. A highly competitive student who is seeking a hard challenge and to be purely academic would have a hard time fitting in at WVU. Students mostly wear sweats to class. There are no cliques in the dining halls it is simply friends eating with friends. Most of the students are either local or international. There is a wide range of politically active students from democratic to republican.


Most of my classmates seem to be attentive in class; every class has a few exceptions to this, but it's amazing to see how many students put in extra time after class to master the material of certain subjects.


Everyone is extremely friendly and people are just as eager as you are to make new friends, especially the first few weeks of classes so do not be scared to introduce yourself to a lot of new people. People at WVU are willing to talk to you and help you out. It is not looked down upon to raise your hand and answer questions in class, like some high schools. Almost everyone here has amazing school spirit too!


Extremely spirited and proud.


Some of the classes are very large but the classmates that I have talked to in these classes are all very nice and try their best to get along with everyone. The smaller classes are the exact same way. No one seems to judge someone who is different as much as they did in high school and everyone is much more tolerant. I believe that all the classmates that you have understand that everyone is there for the same reason; to get an education and to better yourself as a person.


My classmates are amazing creative people that are caring and close to one another.


The majority of my classmates seem like highly motivated people with definite goals.


My classmates are very diverse.


they are pretty crazy sometimes, but overall very nice people.


They are all Jersey girls, who smoke/drink. None of the students there actually want to get an education which is sad!


My class makes are very helpful, willing to get together and do group work, and diverse.


They are a wide variteity of people, from counrty kids to city bred, it is nice to see the varity.


There are very friendly and have great discussions.


My classmates are friendly, usually caring and hard working, and occassionally class clowns when it is appropriate.


Outgoing, friendly, plenty of school spirit, relaxed yet focused.


For the most part my classmates are always eager to learn by studying hard individually and in groups and attending class and actively engaging with every professors.


My classmates are fun, very intelligent, outgoing, creative people.


very intelligent, culturally different


Relatively friendly. If you get to know them there's a lot of interesting people


A helpful, king group of individuals always looking out for one another.


They are in my class.


Variety of all people that come together for one common goal. A group of individuals that become friends.




WVU is one of the most useful schools in the country. WVU has almost every field of study one could want to learn about, and the social scene is massive. If one applied themselves, he/she could accomplish so much at WVU, and later on in life by attending WVU. The only thing that would hold anyone back at WVU would be theirselves, the oppertunities are endless. It is a place where greatness is learned.


My classmates are fun, competitve, engaging, prepared for class most of the time, sometimes sleepy depending on the time of the class and if they were out the night before, friendly, enthusiastic, supportive, easy to get along with, easy to work with in groups, like to work in study groups, are easy to get notes from if you miss class, and last but not least....smart.


Nice fun people who love the college expierence.


Most of my classmates are doing just enough to get by, few are excelling and the remainder are going to be gone.


My classmates are a diverse, actives, friendly, outgoing, welcoming, and intelegent students who are very supportive of the college and their peers.


Many of my classmates have become my losest friends in the entire university.


Friendly. fun caring


Most of my classmates are friendly and willing to help with any questions that students have.




My classmates are intelligent, diverse, interesting, and most of all fun.